Palestinian’s Suffer Yet Another Blow by Jennifer

Originally posted Aug. 30, 2007, however, I put the wrong url to the “continued” link, so I’m bumping this up so you have the chance to read the rest of this story on Jennifer’s blog. My apologies to Jennifer. The link to her blog, Justice and Peace was correct but not many people clicked on it. ~ Lo

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by Jennifer
Justice and Peace
Thursday, August 30, 2007

US Backed Palestinian Authority to Close 103 NGO’s

The people of Palestine and Israel have suffered greatly from poor leadership, an apathetic and uninformed American populace, a compliant international community, and endless war. Combined with a restless Arab population who has watched their basic human rights dwindle away through illegal American and Israeli Occupation, the Middle East is ready to explode.

The instability raging throughout is neither good for Israel or the US. History tells us that military might alone and occupation has always led to the destruction of those in power. The oppressed inevitably rise up against the oppressor.


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  1. i don’t know when will Palestinians be freed from all this suffering they are just losing every thing because of them.

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