Gore Vidal on the Cold War + Gore Vidal on “The Emperor”, Parts 1 & 2

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Gore Vidal on the Cold War (Part 1)

TheRealNews on Sep 4, 2007

Join us for part one of a seven part interview with the legendary Gore Vidal

“Truman went on with his grotesque adventure and the Cold War begins.”


Gore Vidal on “The Emperor” (Part 2)

“He smiled benignly at the oil wells”

The great message of Roosevelt: End all the empires — save one.


Updated: Dec. 15, 2021

Full Interview (Parts 1-7)

theAnalysis-news on Dec 14, 2021

When Julian Assange was arrested, he was holding up a copy of Paul Jay’s book, “Gore Vidal’s History of the National Security State.” This mini-documentary is the original 2005 interview with Vidal, upon which the book is based. We republish it now as a way of protesting the persecution of Assange and the threat to what’s left of press freedom in the United States.


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