Scott Ritter: Waging Peace (video)

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Hsaive A portion of Scott Ritter’s interview…

A portion of Scott Ritter’s interview that ran on BookTV where he talks about why he wrote his book Waging Peace, how the anti-war movement needs to view the struggle against war, and what we’re up against. He begins with the shifting rationale for why we went to Iraq to begin with and the excuses that are used now. He also talks about how Americans are not necessarily anti-war, but they’re against losing wars and how the public has learned nothing from what happened in Iraq. He also talks about how horrid our media is in this country and how they’re doing the same thing now with Iran that they did before with Iraq in the drum beat to war. He also talks about how the Congress has been corrupted by the special interests and that not enough people are participating in the electoral process which allows them to be unaccountable.


 September 12, 2007