2006 Georgia Governor Candidate, Imprisoned, Tortured – Confirming Conspiracy Part I by William Mac (video)

by William Mac
The Mac Manifesto
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Sept. 5, 2007

Confirming Conspiracy

Part 1

“Who is Paul Douglas Hale?”

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William Mac uncovers a conspiracy in his own home state of Georgia. 2006 Independent Candidate for Georgia Governor is arrested and tortured for speaking the truth.

In Part 1 of this new 4 part series, William Mac starts off by interviewing the the tortured candidate on camera, and as the facts begin to stack up both William Mac and his viewers begin tumbling down a dark and mysterious rabbit hole in which conspiracy, cover up, and corruption begin surfacing in all levels of government — not just local, but national.

We are going to blow the lid off of this whole deal. Because now, we can prove it.

The Mac Manifesto

Atlanta Forecasters Predict Threat of Long-Term Hale

Essay Report

“Let not Paul’s story be swept underneath the rug of our entertainment, our fear, our uncaring attitudes or our indolence. Let not Paul’s suffering go unnoticed, ignored, and become nothing more than another great injustice committed behind the great curtains of government. Indeed, let not yourselves continue on in complacency and blind submission, especially when the evidence is blatantly screaming for you to do otherwise. For, if we remain such unpatriotic and self-consumed citizens and ignore people like Paul, who’s story is unfortunately not an uncommon one, then we allow him to travel alone.“

Part 1: Seizing Opportunity

Coincidences happen all the time. Some people believe that a coincidence is some kind of divine intervention from above, depending of course on the nature of the coincidence. These same people will hail, spit and curse the demonic entities below in the event of some kind of unfortunate and non-beneficial coincidence. I for one cannot be certain as to whether or not I should thank the proverbial eye in the sky when a personally beneficial chance occurs, or curse the alleged evil beneath my feat during the contrary. Yet, I do know that coincidences happen, and these events cause people to fall in love, murder, become successful, or fail miserably; and for whatever reason these mysteriously elusive chain link chances come about – in either the positive or negative side of the spectrum – it’s important to seize the opportunity. For with any subtle chance there is the possibility of great misfortune or great benefit, but no one will find out what lies ahead without sliding into the unknown with their chest out, chin up, and heart set for adventure. Besides, the line between blessings and cursings are just about as thin as the line between genius and insanity, and I’m pretty sure all coincidences, and those who delve into the chain of events that follow, end up combining all of these aspects together in one form or another. Let’s just hope I’m the blessed genius combination.

I have recently found myself in quite the odd situation, and it was all due to a strange and seemingly un-important chain of events – but I’ll hold out on deciding whom to thank or spit at until later. It began one lazy afternoon day as I sifted mindlessly through the vast and ensnaring World Wide Web. I was looking for something interesting, but I was not sure of what that something could possibly be. I began randomly reading through the local job listings on Craigslist.org, not that I needed a job – hell, I was trying my best to take a day off, but there I was looking for the next big bank deposit. Suddenly it dawned on me; there are a lot of other listings on Craigslist besides job listings. I had never even so much as glanced at the other links on the site. So, what better way to waste a day than to spend time doing a series of spontaneous and completely useless things, such as reading through Craigslist in its entirety. During this vagrant voyage I found many interesting things such as apartments for rent, puppies for sale, obese women willing to make house calls, and even a slightly used tire swing – which could have been mine through a bartering agreement if only I had not thrown out my vintage Dick Tracy lunch box during a cleaning spree three months earlier.

Read the rest of this story and watch the full video on his blog.

Continued… (website and video are no longer available)