Can’t do DC on 9/15? Telephone Protest for September 2007 + Write to YOUR Elected Officials!

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by xxdr_zombiexx
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Sep 4 2007

I have dropped a couple comments recently about setting up a telephone protest to coincide with the the massive 9/15 Iraq Moratorium Protest. These have received a few positive comments in return.

I think it would be a popular idea if communicated to enough people fast enough. Thus, my next step is to post the formal suggestion. Are YOU interested in protesting the Bush Administration but cannot get to the 9/15/07 Protest in DC?

Most people cannot go to this. Lots of people can and thats as it should be but America is huge and transportation and days off from work are scarce for a lot of people. Most people that really want to go likely cannot.

There is a way to join in in solidarity and it’s pretty easy.

One problem with protesting in a physical location is it is usually a day or a weekend and then it disperses.

IF the Old Media Cartel wasn’t so focused on minimizing protests these would likely be sufficient, but the OMC does a serious job of underreporting the numbers and limiting photographic evidence of a protests’ size. They actively work against the people they are supposed to inform.

The Telephone Protest

I say one very viable solution is a “telephone protest”. We all agree to call certain political offices from one date and time to another. That’s all.

I like it because it’s simple. And cheap.

For example, I have more rollover minutes than I know what to do with. I can lay siege to some government phones for many hours at no actual cost. Lots of Americans can, I think, join in this.

I am posting this at Daily Kos, Smirking Chimp and Chimpster Nation, Diatribune. Others – please feel free to post this other places you think are going to be responsive. E-mail me and I’ll give you the article’s html so you can just paste it into the submission box of your preferred site.

The Million Phone March

I have sent an e-mail to The Million Phone March an organization I remembered and searched for today. I have asked them what they think. If this will get off the ground I will post their feedback, if any.

Dates: 9/10/07 – 9/28/07

1: The Phone Protest of 9/2007 should start on the 10th and last through the rest of the month. The protest should be ongoing when the People arrive in DC for the protest on the 15th. This phase, if it is sufficiently robust, should be an excellent preface to the massive turnout on the weekend of the 15th.

2: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 12:00 Noon and 1:00pm to 5:00 pm for the phone siege. E-mails and faxes – no limitations, no mercy. Flood ’em.

3: The Phone Protest should continue until the 28th. From the 10th to the 28th is likely long enough to really have gotten attention and, if sustained this long could have a very significant impact.

Phones, Faxes and E-mails.

I am figuring that at first we target

  • Harry Reid
    Phone: 202-224-3542
    Fax: 202-224-7327
    NO conventional e-mail. Use his contact page
  • John Conyers
    Phone: (202) 225-5126
    Fax: (202) 225-0072
  • Nancy Pelosi
    Phone: (202) 225-4965
    Fax: (202) 225-8259
  • On this page the Million Phone March has the following numbers listed as 24 hour numbers. Doubtlessly a good place to start.888-818-6641 or 888-355-3588
  • Find more contact info here.

Message in a nutshell

Flood the e-mail and faxes with these 3 basic messages:

* US out of Iraq !!
* No Attack on Iran !!

Note: Be polite and brief. I will be on good behavior. If I can do it, most others can.

Diversity and Tolerance

So often when a protest happens, one finds all sorts of “causes” coming out of the woodwork. This is fine for a variety of reasons but we cannot be distracted by the diversity. If you want to use the duration of the protest to focus on your pet issues (mine’s cannabis relegalization) go for it. I am not going to be focused on anything but the 3 messages above.

Of course your message is OK too; I merely suggest these as a away to consolidate the message. 3 simple ones are best for addressing government agencies. (I was told this by a Fulton County commissioner when I was in her office protesting the elimination of mental health services here about 5 years ago. She said: Keep it simple and no more than 3 points.)

Dare to have fun!

Oh… almost forgot. We are currently “Officially in Historic Times”.

The Bush 43 Administration is the most corrupt in American history, without peer. It has obscured the massive criminality of the Reagan Administration and makes Richard Nixon seem like a disgruntled little boy selling lemonade on a corner.

This is the context for your participation in making a phone protest work as intended. If it works even moderately, it will be a success and it will be part of history. That’s a pretty good deal for a few cell minutes.

And I so totally encourage you to think that this could be a LOT of FUN. IF we can all get a 2 and a half week Phone Siege flooding targeted offices with work-disrupting levels of calls it will be fun to be part of it and to do it.

Assessing the Surge

It doesn’t have to be more than noticeable for this to be effective. It doesn’t have to obliterate their communication ability, though that would be good.

If it just complicates their communication tasks a few times a day it will be noticeable.

Here are 2 goals to listen for in your efforts:

* exasperation in the answerer’s voice.

* Busy signals for long periods of time. That will indicate this is going desirably.

Here is the 3rd goal that I don’t expect to be met:

* Congress people or their aides posting reactions on Daily Kos or other sites asking for the phone action to stop. That would be perfect.

I am posting this now and will post follow-ups as the 10 and the 15th approach. I would certainly love for others to post their own works on this issue.

Once it starts – if it actually takes off – we can post some “liveblogging” or open threads to discuss particular incidents (busy signals, exasperated office staffers, bright ideas, new phone numbers).

Thank you for reading and I hope you will choose to do some phone calling sometime this month.

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Write to YOUR Elected Officials!

Ed. Note: here’s where you can find YOUR elected officials info. From a blog I made a long time ago: Write to YOUR Elected Officials!

On this website, you put in your zip code and up comes your Senators’ and Congressperson’s name and email address and it also covers your statewide senator and representative. I like that it shows how YOUR elected officials voted on various bills.

Go there often and keep on writing these guys/gals.


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