NH Republican Debate Sept. 5, 2007 (videos; updated)

Ed. Note: will add more vids and/or links to vids when they become available. ~ Lo

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SEPETMBER 05, 2007
































GOP Candidates Take Pot Shots at Fred Thompson + Fred Thompson Announces Presidential Candidacy (videos)

Ron Paul Deprecated by Chris Wallace at GOP Debate (video)

6 thoughts on “NH Republican Debate Sept. 5, 2007 (videos; updated)

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  2. I’m more or less undecided on who to support, however I know I will not be supporting Ron Paul. He seems to be in favor of some extremely rash, irresponsible changes. His response to the question of Iraq just about summed up all the negative things about him as a candidate.

    Basically, we’ll just leave, and wish them and their scorched, divided, weak, power-vacuumed country the best of luck. The problem with how we went into Iraq is not the *people* who said that it would be all positives, but with the *assumption* that it would be all positives. Ron Paul here makes the same mistake. If the US pulls out of Iraq, there is absolutely no reason for the violence there to be mollified. Most of the groups are not even fighting us, they’re fighting each other. Why would us leaving cause them to stop?

    Ron Paul’s domestic policy at least somewhat adept; I like his respect for the constitution, however his shortcomings with respect to foreign policy and awareness of America’s role in a globalized world make him completely undesirable as a President.

    I really don’t understand the support he has on the Internet, or the rabidness of his supporters.

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  4. Dr. Ron Paul Continues to amaze me!

    One Month ago my then 17 year old son tuned me in to Dr. Paul’s message and I have not been the same since.
    For the last 30 days I have been a youtube fanatic, watching many presentations on Dr.Paul, 911 information that I never knew existed and many other interesting and informative videos and blogs.
    I have always idly sat by while the political process proceeded. I watched Baseball and Football, I watched rental videos, went fishing and out to dinners with my wife and children.
    The reason I have never been involved in the political process, as I have just come to realise is the simple fact that no candidate has ever expressed views that felt represented my views and the views of the people who I know in my everyday life.
    I never really new what the “old ” republican party stood for until Dr.Paul educated me.
    I urge everyone who reads this to drop whatever party affiliations you may have and listen to what Dr. Ron Paul has to say.
    Forget all of your preconcieved notions of left or right .
    Let your intellectual side be your guide.
    Let your knowledge of right and wrong be your guide.
    Remember that everyone can vote in the primaries.If enough democrats went to each end every republican primary we would be able to vote in Dr. Ron Paul as the republican candidate. Then our choice would be between two candidates that support our immediate exit from Iraq.
    My son turned 18 on Sept. 5th, he spent his birthday in bootcamp at Fort Jackson SC.
    hegraduates on Oct. 5th then he will spend 7 months in advanced technical training.
    That give me 8 months before I have to start worrying about a knock coming to my door to tell that something horrible has happened.
    I believe that Dr. paul The best hope for our country.
    S, Hahn

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