Media “Disappear” Dennis Kucinich by Margaret Kimberley

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by Margaret Kimberley
The Smirking Chimp
Sep 5 2007
From Black Agenda Report

“I’ve been standing here for the last 45 minutes praying to God you were going to call on me.” – Dennis Kucinich to George Stephanopoulos, ABC news

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich is alive, well, and free to move about as he pleases. Yet corporate media treat him like brutal dictators disappearing the opposition. They don’t want voters to know that a Democratic presidential candidate will defend the citizenship rights of Americans and human rights around the world.

Kucinich was mayor of a major city, Cleveland, Ohio. He is now a six-term member of Congress and a Democratic presidential candidate for the second time. His progressive views are firmly in the mainstream, but right wing propaganda labels them unpopular. Kucinich’s demand for ethical corporate behavior makes the media nervous. If he became president their bosses would have to accept a government serving the needs of citizens instead of being only at the beck and call of corporate power. Like good minions everywhere, reporters make sure the higher ups remain happy.

Kucinich has sponsored a bill to impeach Vice President Cheney, opposes any further funding of the occupation of Iraq, advocates health care for all, and exposes the lies used to justify the planned killing of thousands in Iran. His choice to live up to the values that Democrats claim has earned him only scorn and derision from the media. They use a variety of methods to disappear him, including removing his image from photos, ignoring him during debates, and simply acting as if he doesn’t exist.

During the ABC sponsored debate broadcast on August 19th, George Stephanopoulos did not ask Kucinich a single question until nearly 30 minutes had elapsed and then asked him fewer questions than he asked any other candidate. As if the blatant lack of attention were not bad enough, ABC literally took Kucinich out of the picture. ABC displayed an Associated Press photo on its website that purported to show the Democratic candidates, but Kucinich’s image was no where to be seen.

When confronted by the Kucinich campaign, ABC lied and lied badly. They tried to blame the AP when the photo cropping was obviously their own handiwork. Then they replaced the original cropped photo with one that included Kucinich but never acknowledged the original attempt to eliminate him and his message from view.



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4 thoughts on “Media “Disappear” Dennis Kucinich by Margaret Kimberley

  1. Dennis is a man with a different plan.
    This country could of done such great things for humanity.
    Give Peace and Dennis a Chance ?
    See what We could be.
    Ron Paul as V.P., or Sec. of Treasury?
    David Iglesias as Attn. General !
    Vote by Absentee Ballot, No-Morph, No-Caging

  2. I really think that people are starting to wake up! All we want back is our constitutinal rights in a free society governed by We The People” less the corporate biased media. That’s not really that much to ask. Is it?

  3. I like your optimism, Rev. Michael V. Goldsun. Personally, I think he needs to have his name and his platform better known. There are still many Amerikans who haven’t even heard of Dennis Kucinich, unfortunately.

  4. So the media is trying to shut him out eh?!
    It won’t help.
    Dennis doens’t need the spotlight to get his points out there, and the more the media ignores him, the more notice the public will take.
    Let’s face it; it’s been Barack this and Hillary that, and Rudy here, and Joe there, and frankly, I’m sick of all of them already; so let them run out their rope.
    Let them hog the stage. Let them dominate the media and let them absorb the full scrutiny of the public. It is that way that the public will see them, get bored and move onto undiscovered realms;
    ” Hey what about Kucinich?…..we haven’t heard much about HIM, I wonder what HE says………”

    With the advanced insights and tools for improvement that Unca Denni brings;
    his message is short, sweet and right to the point.
    He doesn’t NEED full time to win his stance, he only needs a brief moment or two to get into people’s heads in his prize winning way.

    Long live the media !
    The more they ignore Dennis, the more he stands out.

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