US Democratic hopeful Kucinich meets Assad, blasts Bush

Dandelion Salad

The Jerusalem Post
BEIRUT, Lebanon
Sep 6, 2007 13:28


h/t: Schnitt Show

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4 thoughts on “US Democratic hopeful Kucinich meets Assad, blasts Bush

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  2. Good one, Lo. 2¼ kudos.

    It reminds me of the only good thing Pelosi has done since the midterms: talking with a zioneocon-chosen enemy. (Of course via “tough talk,” Pelosi was playing the part of Israeli Likudnik mouthpiece more than she was spiting the neocons; but just the same, it’s always good to talk to those with whom we’d otherwise choose to isolate and attack.)

    If we should be allied with any Middle East countries, it should be Syria and Iran; that is, if we’re talking about real US interests such as friendly trade, diplomacy, and peace (as opposed to Israel, S. Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Hariri-Saniora Lebanon — all of which supply the MIC with job security through intermittent proxy wars, false flag suicide attacks, and slow-drip genocides).

    Then again, one would be naive to assume that mainstream media might approach reality from any perspective other than that of the zioneocons and other war profiteers, who benefit from the bass-ackwards status quo.

  3. Why is Kucinich characterized as an
    Anti-War opponent, he’s actually P.P.P.,
    Pro-Peace Proponent ?
    Why is Peace so scary ?
    Who’s affraid of Peace ?
    Questions, questions, and more questions, instead of the truthful facts(”Just the Facts Mame”, J. Friday). Thought I’d try a Badge for leverage, Lo, badges, badges we got no stinkin’ Badges.

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