Bill Maher: Real Time Overtime 9-7-07 (video)

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Real Time’s Overtime segment with Cor… Real Time’s Overtime segment with Cornel West and Mos Def. Raum Emanual was supposed to be the other guest and got tied up in DC for votes.

2 thoughts on “Bill Maher: Real Time Overtime 9-7-07 (video)

  1. It’s a culture clash, ones recognized as Authority, while the other’s not.
    Dog Fighting, Cock Fighting, W/Men Fighting, Drugs, Prostitution, Gambling, Bootlegging, not all could be Bell Hop’s, Porter’s, or Nannies, and for how long again? Not until 1965 when the Civil Rights Act was signed was the integration of the Two Cultures, The Law. Wait a minute what happened to the cultures and traditions of the Newly Freed, and the Oldly free ? Where are these great jobs of the newly freed, and the oldly Free at, to take our minds off the differences? Remember those great high paying jobs, so you could afford Health care, for your kids too, and still have a pocket full of cash ?
    The token Entertainers, no, they’ve just got talent, and for your Entertainment Pleasure Tonight, We proudly present you “Brittany Spears” . Not everyone is a Major player, Friends, that’s all the rest of us. Not every one was born with a silver spoon in their mouths, so every-one doesn’t really have the same opportunities. Regardless what you hear on the Tube. What do you expect from people, they have to survive, right ? Who don’t understand the why of it, and now why so all of a sudden it’s wrong of it. Forty Five years is not enough time to completely change two cultures, into a New and Improved Version it just doesn’t happen like that. Remember this was not immigration issue, it was forced subjugation, then forced integration, and now “we don’t like no more” forced Incarcerations. Let’s be serious, how many people do we really want to lock up, and how much does it cost ? We’ve got to come to an understanding somewhere, sometime, or the clash continues, and that’s all of Us, friends, and foes. The Old Laws have to be re-viewed, or re-written, and that is the only way to Integrate, or not.

  2. Mos Def knows what he’s talking about. I figured he’d say something about how the government should fix the problems but he put the blame on them for making our society like it is now. He’s right about the planet too. Its not going anywhere but we are if we don’t change the way we behave. Prisons don’t reform people they make them worse. If you’ve ever listened to someone tell you what life is like in prison you’d know that they are basically like animals locked up together. You can get into a fight just by walking too close to someone.

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