Payback Time for the Faith-Based Initiates by Glitzqueen (aka The Other Katherine Harris) (Martial Law)


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by The Other Katherine Harris

Glitzqueen’s blog post

Sept. 8, 2007

That all signs and portents point to martial law has been tough to dispute since Shrub’s diktats NSPD-51 and HSPD-20 followed his National Guard grab and establishment of an unexplained bevy of concentration camps, as yet unpopulated.

Now comes word that clergy are being trained to lead their flocks into sheepish compliance, when the moment comes to surrender guns, other property and our remaining vestiges of liberty. The pastors will be assigned to work with police and even SWAT teams, if necessary. They’re told it’s “their job” to help FEMA and Homeland Security deal with emergencies. Evidently that federal funding gravy train they climbed aboard was never meant to give free rides, which would be hysterically funny if the real joke weren’t on the rest of us.

These beholden clerics are also under orders to preach the virtues of submission well in advance so, if you’re a churchgoer, you’ve probably heard a riff on Romans 13 lately. That’s the one about obeying the government, on the premise that its authority was ordained by God. Hitler used it, too. Of course it was also a staple of theology under “divine right” monarchs through the ages. Funny how that conflicts with rendering unto Caesar what’s Caesar’s (your tax money) and unto God what’s God’s (your conscience and free will) — not to mention how it conflicts with our Constitution.

To their credit, some of the preachers recognized that dissonance and sounded alarms. Actually, the story broke more than a year ago (as witness THIS), but didn’t get any traction. The latest report I’ve seen, a few weeks old, is HERE; it was my introduction to the subject. The asshole Shreveport preacher cited in defense of the program also features in another reference.