Exclusive Report: 9/11 Got Me Again by William Mac

by William Mac
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
Sept. 11, 2007

When I was younger than I am now my parents would tell me about the day Kennedy was shot. They would tell me that everyone in the entire nation remembers where they were and what they were doing that very moment. My mother said that she was allowed to go home from school so that she could watch the news unfold on the television as the footage was played over, and over again, driving into the mind’s of the American people that this was indeed the end. Other people told me that televisions were wheeled into the classrooms as the children sat upright and open-jawed staring at the final death rattle of the American Dream. I just thought it was cool that my Mom got to go home, and I thought that it would perhaps be nice to stare blankly at the television during school instead of having to do work. I was young. I was young and I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Lincoln had been shot, and I’m still here…. Kennedy had been shot, and I’m still here. There was a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, two World Wars, a Vietnam War, a North Korean War, a Cold War, and a Gulf War– but I’m still here. Besides – I mused as a young boy – things like that don’t happen anymore and the most we get is O.J.

I’ve never been one to perform heartfelt eulogies in my mind during forced contemplative remembrances and National moments of silence. But, regardless of how strong and un-emotional I would like to paint myself as being… 9/11 still gets me every time. Just like my parents’ exact remembrance concerning Kennedy, I found myself on that day – September 11, 2001 – sitting in Coach Black’s Health class in trailer C4 at 9:30 AM when the burly Coach quickly jumped up from his computer and turned on the T.V. just in time for me to see two tall buildings – which had never previously concerned me – transformed into chimney stacks. Suddenly, as a freshman at North Gwinnett High School in Georgia, being able to watch T.V instead of do work was not as fun as I had previously thought it would be.

I was not released from school the day America became castrated, like my mother had been permitted to do during Kennedy’s assassination. The principal’s voice came over the intercom and told all of us that we had nothing to fear… after all, New York was all the way up there where it’s cold and people don’t talk to each other, and we were way down here where it’s warm and friendly. Surprisingly enough, I don’t remember particularly caring about what I had just seen on the television. As a 14 year old, I didn’t even know what in the hell the “Twin Towers” were. Throughout the day I would hear various things; a helicopter crashed into the Pentagon, which was nothing more than a shape to me; another plane crashed in a field somewhere, which is something I still didn’t particularly care about. Life in High School carried on normally, and so did the bus ride home. Yet, upon stepping out of the bus that day I did realize one very important thing: it was the quietest day I had ever heard in my entire life. There were no airplanes, there were no cars beeping or driving around on the highway near the house. All was silence, the most complete and eerie silence imaginable. That is when it struck me…up in New York, and in two other locations, things were very loud, and people were dead… and life wasn’t going to be the same for a long time.

So here I am at 21 years old, six years later. It’s another 9/11 anniversary, and I overslept the memorial services on television. In fact, I didn’t even think about the fact that today was 9/11 until I began seeing all of the reruns on the tube. You know, the ones they show every 9/11. Yet, I couldn’t resist writing about it. I feel as though it is my duty as an American to remember this day, and remember it serenely, and remember it reverently, and remember it patriotically.

Regardless of the countless conspiracy theories, the ensuing wars, the initial peak of tiny-American-flags-on-a-stick sales, followed by its steep drop (only to be sacked by anti-war bumper sticker sales), and the American people’s disdain and fear and discomfort in this post 9/11 world, this anniversary day is one in which all people can agree with each other in quiet, reflective patriotism towards the atrocities endured on September 11, 2001. I still do not understand what happened that day, and I can scarcely recall life before the event… although it was an easier time. Likewise, I’m not quite sure I understand what is going on even today, but I’ll sing with all of my might, and all of my strength “God Bless America” simply because it’s my duty, and a duty I take pride in. Selah.

3 thoughts on “Exclusive Report: 9/11 Got Me Again by William Mac

  1. Reverence and serenity in remembering the lives that were sacrificed in order for America to actually WAKE UP and realize that we really have pissed off a few people …is a wonderful thing. Anyone who doesn’t understand that, or opposes such rememberance, posesses some kind of spit toward the entire world AND those who are apathetic toward humanity, thus rendering themselves just as apathetic and idiotically impulsive in their statements as those who disgrace America, i.e. mainly the “government” and secondly, the uneducated (punctuation is also lost in translation of such gasseous, though-deficient outbursts).
    But to return to the important thing here, driving by a fire-station on 9/11 I noted a huge banner hanging from the top, which read in big read letters: “We will NEVER forget 9/11” …and it hung there imposingly as if to say “Don’t you DARE forget 9/11, OR ELSE!”
    So on the other side of this arguement, rememberance for the sake of “appearing” patriotic or moral is good-for-nothing. Should we force ourselves to keep remembering because the big red letters say so? This is the subtlety of the cruetly of society at work. There is a strict “moral” code imposed upon our psyches by which, if in dissacordance we should be (namely, if we “do not remember”), we are considered immoral, evil, dangerous.

    Let us remember! For the lives that were lost belong just as much to the dead as they do to us! But let us NOT be inundated, for doing so feeds the monster hegemon which slithers and slides unnoticed under our aquired, imposed, or LEARNED “patriotism”…
    And yes! God bless America! There is certainly a validity in ambiguity; that from a certain large view, Ameica is spiriling into self-destruction…our country is caving in from the inside due to the inadequcies and egos of corrupt government officials (Ahem! Bush!), but we are BLIND and mistaken if we think that this “caving in” is not also by our doing! Us that sit there in front of our computers reading the news everyday and convince ourselves as the days go by that America is self-destructing by means of other tyrants! You are just as much the culprit of such crimes if you sit and do nothing, and much MUCH more so if you, “out of ‘love’ for America,” frustrate yourself and others with your laments of “Oh! America is dead! Woe to me!” or “shame on you for still believing that people can WAKE up! Shame on you for CHOOSING the harder battle” …which really just sound like the same sheep that are part of the herd of ignorance on which the corrupt government itself thrives.
    To you, the apathetic, the “lover” of TRUE and GOOD government which has lost its way even by the means of YOUR hatred of a false and evil government, to the chattering sheep…I only want to say…be careful that you don’t become that which you despise…Don’t put any stock in the government’s evil-doings…FOCUS ON WHAT IS STILL GOOD AND TRUE IN AMERICA!! As sure as the sun still shines, there is MUCH left to fight for! Lost in your passion and your opinions, you think you have nothing left to lose if you should just sit on your ass and let the corrupt destroy all…think again.

    And if WITH this knowledge you still thik yourself too good for America…leave at once! Because you are only making it harder for America to get back upon its feet (which rests on the strong wills of the PEOPLE, NOT the government)

    To all,
    live, laugh, love, and believe,
    Stephanie Onofri

  2. Keeperofthefire,

    I know about all of that. And, if you would have visited my website then you would of known that… so, shame on you.

    That does not mean that 9/11 shouldn’t be held in respective thought and reflection. Do a little research before you accuse someone of something, eh? Might make you look a little smarter. Also, puncuation wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


  3. go back to sleep!god bless america,you have got to be kidding,there is no america left,our country&government have been stollen by the fools running this disfunctional gov. ,and you don’t even have a clue!!!!shame on you!!!

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