09.11.07 Uncensored News Reports From Across The Middle East (video; over 18 only)

Dandelion Salad


This video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

Selected Episode

Sept. 11, 2007


“Rocket Launched from Gaza Injures Dozens of Israeli Soldiers,” Al Jazeera TV, Qatar
“Israeli MPs Call for the Re-Occupation of Gaza,” IBA TV, Israel
“Moroccan Independence Party Wins Elections,” Abu Dhabi TV, UAE
“Six Years after September 11,” Al Arabiya TV, UAE
“The Taliban are Back,” Al Arabiya TV, UAE
“General Petraeus Provides Anticipated Report,” Dubai TV, UAE
“Facts on the Ground in Iraq,” Al Jazeera English, Qatar
“Ramadan Causes Consumption to Increase in Saudi Arabia,” LBC TV, Lebanon
Produced for Link TV by Jamal Dajani.