George Bush Speech Sept. 13, 2007 (videos)

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  1. The gas prices? Bush wanted to drill, explore, use some of Alaska – relatively safe – the Democrats said no. They said no to other alternative energy possibilities. The auto industry in dismay and the Democrats want to socialize it, give them handouts for screwing up so badly. Zebulon of Babylon – do you have any education at all? Read anything but what CNN and MSNBC have to say. Do you only follow the flock? I am living in an Eastern country because of the politics. But in this new country, people use to follow Hitler to the ends of the earth also. I would have been an outcast in this country also.

  2. So Obama isn’t a liar and a theif? He signed a paper to say he’d be a part of public funding and then he opted out. His lies run deep and long. Here is a man you all voted into office who doesn’t salute the flag or visit the troops unless others can take videos and news coverage of the events. Here is a guy with a large swathe of constituents who don’t even know whether the Democrats or Republicans control congress. Here’s a guy who may not even legally be qualified to run for president – questions around his citizenship – that could easily be answered but he refuses under technical reasons he is trying to dismiss. Here is a guy who’s never been south of the boarder and only foreign experience is a speech in Germany – and you guys bash Sarah Palin for her experiences? Here is a guy who hires Joe Biden as VP – with 30+ years of experience in foreign policy but I’ll bet not one of you know exactly what that experience entailed – or even one thing it entailed – not to mention the fact that he himself admitted to forgetting most of what he did as well.

  3. N. Korea came up with nuclear weapons while we gave them billions in supplies with the promise they wouldn’t. I meant N. Korea, not Iran. But just today it was announced Iran has enough for a nuclear bomb also. If you study their culture, you should be concerned.

  4. Oh yea, the 9/11 attack can be more attributed to Mr. Bill Clinton’s ‘put the giant to sleep’ policy. The Internet bubble collapsed about the same time and many policies and conditions were attributed to Bill Clinton’s laxness. George Bush dealt with 3 or 5 hurricans south and a couple more in Florida. Iran became a nuclear threat because of Clinton’s bad dealings. Clinton did the old accounting strategy – the deferment plan. I could go on for hours about how Sarah Palin and McCain would have been more suitable. Obama bought America and you all fell for it.
    As far as Palin goes:
    I would like to know how many of you that write in saying derogatory things
    about Sarah Palin could have answered the question she was asked.
    What is the Bush doctrine? How many of you knew the answer to that?
    What books do you read? Most of you probably read the Sunday funnies.
    What level of education have you all had? Probably a lot of high school
    I was always told “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”
    Maybe some of you should take stock of yourself before mouthing.
    My father used to wash my mouth out with soap if someone used to say some of the things you guys say. I suggest clorox for many of you.

  5. Well, the elections have past and Obama is in. He has already picked most of his cronies. He has already deceived people on many fronts. I am curious as to how he will proceed. Granted, he has a mess to clean up – but most Obama supporters don’t seem to realize the DEMOCRATS HAD CONTROL FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS. Mr. Bush protected us, but there are other things such as economic security, Mexican boarder security. So, I once gave him a B+ or an A but now I give George a C. Obama will surely demise the country. I predict sooner than later. But if later, here’s why: his background, his administration pick, his promises to those who forked out more than 1.2 Bill to get him elected and his promises to Acorn and other already corrupt officials. With Bush, he was damned if he didn’t and damned if he did – didn’t control spending, nor boarder and immigration control. When he spoke, you knew what he meant – WMD – well, you mean to tell me Hussein wiping out over 300,000 Kurds didn’t count in that regard? I am appalled at the left wing media and no longer watch them – shame on CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, etc.

  6. You’re still the best, even though I now live in Hungary, due to politcal damage caused by both parties over the years (out of control immigration and so forth). I’ve been looking for a particular speech about Freedom and the future but I can’t find it. It’s always a pleasure to hear you. You inspire me. I don’t believe in your stance on Cuba, nor the open commerce under the current immigration one-sidedness, but counting the numbers, you still get my respect and are number one in my book. Hope McCain makes it!

  7. I’d like to believe that there is some justice in this world, but until I see Bush gets what he deserves for what he’s done to this country and this world I’m going to have to call “shenanigans” on him. He’s a criminal, he’s a murderer, and not to mention he’s extremely incompetent. In the position that he’s in as one of the worlds leaders he could very well be THE most dangerous person on the planet.

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