Cindy Sheehan: We Have Had Enough! + War Protesters vs. Capitol Police + Rev. Lennox Yearwood: War Is Obsolete! (videos)

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On Saturday, September 15, 2007, the ANSWER Coalition, a progressive antiwar group, sponsored a Mass March and Die-In in Washington, D.C. Its purpose was to raise the consciousness of enough people in this country to stop the illegal and immoral Iraq War and to prevent the Bush-Cheney Gang from launching a war against Iran. The rally took place in Lafayette Park, just north of the White House, where a number of prominent speakers were heard. One of the speakers was Cindy Sheehan, co founder of Gold Star Mothers for Peace. She said: “We have had enough.” She added that it is time for Congress to “impeach” George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. For additional details, and updates, on the Sept. 15th rally, and for the exact number of arrests, please see:

War Protesters vs. Capitol Police


Anti-war protesters face the Capitol …

Anti-war protesters face the Capitol Police on the back patio area of the US Capitol on September 15, 2007.

The protesters that jumped the barricades got arrested.

Rev. Lennox Yearwood: War Is Obsolete!



Davis Fleetwood at the War Protest Sept 15 + Civil Disobedience Brings Arrests at U.S. Capitol (videos)

President of HipHop Causus talks about being assaulted in DC (video)

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  2. I wish I had been there! Thanks Lo, for your current and comprehensive snapshot of the day. Looked like it was quite a happening! Keep on, keepin’ on!

  3. The war goes on with or without us. It is maddening we unleashed it, blindly lashing out in fear after being attacked. Protesting stupidity, lies, irresponsible greed, incompetence, carelessness and cruelty that has cost so many so much, this makes sense. We should call for an end to war, and we should call for a humanitarian peacekeeping, relief and rebuilding campaign, asking, with humility, for the help of the international community as we admit being wrong in the first place and take responsibility for the destruction we have wrought. We have a responsiblity to commit our resources and do our best to remedy the terror we have brought on others.

  4. Thanks to Cindy Sheehan and Lennox Yearwood for standing strong against the Bush Administration! Thanks to all the people who joined this protest against the war! Thanks to LO for keeping the channel of truth open!

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