Fred Mason + Tina Richards + Gloria La Riva + Peta Lindsay; Sept 15 Rally in Wash, DC (videos)

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Fred Mason: Working People Want This War to End!


On Saturday, September 15, 2007, the ANSWER Coalition, a progressive antiwar group, sponsored a Mass March and Die-In in Washington, D.C. Its purpose was to raise the consciousness of enough people in this country to stop the illegal and immoral Iraq War and to prevent the Bush-Cheney Gang from launching a war against Iran. The rally took place in Lafayette Park, just north of the White House, where a number of prominent speakers were heard.

One of the speakers was Fred Mason. He is the President of the Maryland and District of Columbia, AFL-CIO. He said: “Working people want this war to end.” He added that Congress should “cut off the funding and bring the troops home.” For additional details, and updates, on the Sept. 15th rally, and for the exact number of arrests, please see:

Tina Richards: “All Power to the People!

One of the speakers was Tina Richard, CEO of Grassroots America. A Marine Mom, she read a very moving poem to the crowd from her son, Cloy, an Iraq War Veteran. It was entitled, “A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures.” When she finished the poem, Ms. Richards demanded: “All power to the people!”

Gloria La Riva: George W. Bush Is a Terrorist!

One of the speakers was Gloria La Riva. She is with the “National Committee to Free the Cuban Five.” Ms. La Riva said: “George W. Bush is a terrorist for his [Iraq] war…He is also a terrorist for the U.S. government policy which he has intensified against the country of Cuba.”

Peta Lindsay: “This War Is a War Against Women!

One of the speakers Peta Lindsay. She is with the ANSWER oganization and goes to school at Howard U. in the D.C. Ms. Lindsay said: “This War [in Iraq] is a war against women…George Bush is the world’s biggest criminal.”


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Dueling Demonstrations Washington Post h/t:

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