Ron Paul: Constitutional talk @ Seattle Univ. 9/14/07 (videos)

There’s a saying about how one can judge a society/nation by the way it treats the least among them. I so disagree with Ron Paul’s stance on domestic issues. At least he brings up the corporate welfare that our govt is sponsoring. ~ Lo

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On Sept 14, 2007, Pres. Candidate Ron…

On Sept 14, 2007, Pres. Candidate Ron Paul visited Seattle Univ. to talk on the topic of the Constitution. This video started just a couple minutes late.

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7 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Constitutional talk @ Seattle Univ. 9/14/07 (videos)

  1. Lo, Kucinich doesn’t have Ron Paul’s PERFECT voting record, nor sense to address the People as adults to resolve these “today” issues. We gave the Dems an UNPRECEDENTED vote of power & confidence & they have NOT held up their end of the bargain. Kucinich currently cannot win versus Obama & Hillary. The Republican race is totally up in the air! Ron Paul is the only candidate addressing the public as adults, The only fault I see thus far in Ron Paul is his non adherence to being an advocate of adherence to Article 5 of the Constitution & which calls upon Congress to call the Constitutional convention if 2/3 the States has want of such & transfers the power back to the People. With or without them, we can have our way. Act up!

  2. If you are Anti-War, especially THIS current undeclared War, you have no choice but to vote for Ron Paul. He is the ONLY candidate who is anti war. The Welfare state is robbing us blind of our wealth. Think of how much money we could give to those LESS fortunate within our country if there was no so much Government overhead & WASTE!!!! There are better ways for most things & we need to open our minds & hearts to alternative ideas & NEW responsible programs.

  3. It’s different to actively oppress and enslave the least among you, and to make being the least among you into a sort of special status with special privileges (ie, receiving the money that was taken from everybody else). Welfare has created more people in the ‘least’ class than it has helped out of it: my sister in law lives in Detroit, MI and has the most hilarious stories of the percent of the population that lives off the other: they carry Gucci handbags, get their rent paid for, and demand free service at other peoples’ businesses. There are certainly people who need to be legitimately taken care of. But if govt. is going to be involved in that it should be a role for the state. Welfare hasn’t solved that problem: enforced national govt. collection and bureaucratic process in mercy ministries rarely does.

  4. It is amazing to me that there are so many who are so worried about the poor and needy and yet they believe they need to be forced to help the poor. If there are so many charity-hearted liberals, why do we need a huge welfare bureacracy to care for our “neediest”?

    Answer: what the liberals really want is lots of free stuff from the government and they want the thugs at the I.R.S. to get it for them. They tire me out with all their phony altruistic rhetoric.

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