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originally posted April 17, 2007

Sept 19, 2007


Today reading a blog about the shooting in Virginia, a comment mentioned how horrible it would be if the Korean American student who did the shooting was here illegally. Bill O’Reilly and company would have a field day.

I live in a small city in Arizona nine blocks from the Mexican border.

In an effort to keep Mexicans from crossing a fence has been built that stretches for a couple of miles each direction out of town. The major portion of the fence is built out of old portable landing matts. Needlessly to say, it is not what you would call esthetically pleasing.There is now a crew that works daily welding the fence back together after it has been cut during the night.

The border has become militarized. There are thousands of Border Patrol Agents. Hundreds of Customs and Anti-Narcotic Agents, a large number of Deputy Sheriffs, Local Cops, and a large contingent of National guard.

The Border Patrol has placed censors along frequently used trails all along the border, as well as placing video cameras activated by motion in strategic locations and uses other high tech devices. One would almost think that would be enough, but it’s not. People cross everyday.The harder it becomes near civilization, the more remote areas the crossers use. This is risky because of the roughness and ruggedness of the terrain, and it is also doing great ecological damage to the desert.

For two years I had a contract to pick-up trash left by border crossers. This was a great contract for me because I love hiking in the desert and it allowed me access to normally restricted ranch land. I saw a lot of beautiful country and I literally picked up tons of trash.

One day when I was searching for trash in the Guadalupe Canyon area about 25 miles out of town, the caretaker of a ranch there suggested that if I was going to find any trash in the area, it would be if I followed one wash at the entrance to the canyon.

I went back and explored the wash. I was used to hiking at least fifteen miles a day. I wasn’t finding much trash and I kept plodding along.

Eventually I came to a highway with trucks roaring by. It was Mexican Highway 2.

I had crossed into Mexico without realizing it. There was nothing to indicate a border anywhere. I hightailed it back to the States.

I didn’t see a Border Patrol or any other Federal or State Agent. And our border is secure!

I have studied and followed the border issue for a number of years. I realize that no legally authorized entry will work, because there are just too many people trying to enter.

The only possible solution, and a long term solution, is for the United States and other industrialized nations to fund a Micro Loan Program for the third world administered by the United Nations or some other international agency.

The United States of America could fully fund this program for a fraction of what they are spending in Iraq.

The United States could do a lot to help the third world and lessen the immigration problem if they put their financial house in order.

Currently all the available capital in the world is being used to fund the US deficit. No capital is available for developing the third world where it is truly needed.

Thinking in terms of the world at large and not just in terms of the United States would create goodwill for the US as opposed to the ill will generated by the disasterous ventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Militarization Of The Mexican Border by Guadamour