The Daily Show: That’s Al Folks by Manila Ryce (video link)

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By Manila Ryce
Published Wednesday, September 19th, 2007, 4:05 pm

The Daily Show – That’s Al Folks

I was planning on posting Jon Stewart’s interview with Alan Greenspan, but it ended up being extremely disappointing. It became a boring lesson in economics, and the war was not discussed at all. Instead, I’ve decided to post this clip concerning Alberto Gonzales’ last day on the job. The party animals at the Justice Department sent him off with an unintentional roast, rivaling the Emmy’s. Such an unforgettable event was surely wasted on someone who’s “done more to promote short-term memory loss than any Hispanic-American…”

2 thoughts on “The Daily Show: That’s Al Folks by Manila Ryce (video link)

  1. I think you really missed something.

    Here’s my take:

    “By the way, Stewart and Greenspan tonight was a Frazetta painting of two genuine big brained geeks riffing. It rocked my taint.”

    Seriously, it was way cool.

  2. Just goes to show you that Naomi Klein and her “shock doctrine” polemic against free market reform is dead wrong…we don’t have a free market by any stretch of the imagination, we are completely at the mercy of the federal reserve board, we are very far indeed from Friedman’s vision, and “progressive” reforms like social security, the income tax and our beloved central bank are actually bankrupting this country, along with our unabashed policy of “making the world safe for democracy,” which also started, oddly enough, with Woodrow Wilson.

    One has to wonder why the left is pushing this kind of deliberate propaganda so hard…could it be that they are getting us ready for our indentured servitude to the Chinese after they dump our dollar?

    *shivers at the thought*

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