Foreclosures & The Economy Hearing + Ron Paul (videos; links)

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Video from:

House Financial Services C…

Video from:

House Financial Services Committee – September 20, 2007

Full committee hearing on “legislative and regulatory options for minimizing
and mitigating mortgage foreclosures.” Witnesses included Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury; Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of Housing and Urban
Development; and Ben Bernanke, Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Treasury Chief Paulson [Part II]

Fed Chief Bernanke’s Testimony

Rep. Frank’s Opening Remarks

Rep. Bachus’ Opening Remarks

HUD Secretary Jackson’s Testimony

Rep. Ron Paul

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  1. Lo, fantastic videos as usual. Thanks for always sharing & doing more than most. Ron Paul again speaks to us as adults & explains to the Government again, how they are destroying lives via the inflation tax & destabalizing the world economy.

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