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Sept. 20, 2007

The exercise of freedom doesn’t always look pretty — but, unless we defend it in every legitimate form it may take, we sacrifice our own rights.

Whatever you personally think of Lennox Yearwood, he didn’t deserve to be tackled by a Capitol Police gang for attempting to view a Congressional hearing open to the public. Yes, he was wearing a button that read “I Love the People of Iraq” — but that’s hardly a reprehensible sentiment for a Christian minister. Rev. Yearwood committed no crime.

Whatever you personally think of Sally Field, she didn’t deserve to be censored on national TV for speaking against war while collecting an Emmy. Yes, she said “goddamn” — but that regularly airs on television and she was treading a path of political speech well-worn by prior award-winners. Ms. Field committed no crime.

Whatever you personally think of Andrew Meyer, he didn’t deserve to be assaulted by campus authorities for asking uncomfortable questions of a senator who was taking questions. Yes, he’d overstayed his time at the mike — but shall we start electrocuting candidates who speak too long in debates? Mr. Meyer committed no crime.

Whatever you personally think of the many dissenters who’ve been barred from events, jailed and even injured in recent years — and whatever you personally think of the many students brutally tasered for such campus offenses as skateboarding — their lost liberties are also yours.

Self-righteous thugs bristling with weapons are running amok throughout this country, just as Blackwater is doing in Iraq (and did in New Orleans), and we’d better start thinking hard and fast about how to deal with them.

What if the whole crowd awaiting entrance to the Petraeus hearing had rushed the thugs in Washington, shouting, “Let him go! Let him in!” — or turned and left, when Rev. Yearwood was taken, while also phoning the media — or stayed and raised such a rumpus that police had to arrest them all, making Petraeus minor news by contrast?

What if the Emmy audience had been filmed rising in applause — or, even better, left the building en masse and thereby stopped the show?

What if the students and teachers in Florida had rushed the thugs there, crying havoc? Assuming Sen. Kerry wasn’t already aware of the attack on Mr. Meyer, he soon would’ve been — and couldn’t have failed to intervene.

And what if every attendee at any candidate’s rally left, should even one person be ejected or refused admittance for no good reason?

Unless we stand together now to face down these police state outrages, it won’t be long before we become direct victims, too. We (and those who purport to represent our will in Congress) have got to stop being so wretchedly polite, figuratively doffing our hats like peasants to our betters.

The exercise of freedom doesn’t have to look pretty to deserve our full-throated support. In fact, it never looked less like proper “tea party” behavior than at Boston Harbor in 1773.

So how brave are you feeling these days? It matters.

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