Olbermann: Special Comment: Your hypocrisy is so vast + Worst Person (videos)

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XpldnBoy Keith’s special comment on George Bus…

A reaction to Thursday’s press conference: the president was the one who interjected Gen. Petraeus into the political dialogue in the first place. A special comment by Keith Olbermann. 9/20/2007


Worst Person



6 thoughts on “Olbermann: Special Comment: Your hypocrisy is so vast + Worst Person (videos)

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  3. It is amazing how an average broadcaster has become the Iconic Reporter of our time.
    He definately deserves that reward.

    Wow what a man. I wanna work in his personal security force.

  4. The majority of Americans have let this administration , and our ruler ‘”THE DECIDER” know that we want our troops out of Iraq He decides to continue to ignore us and continue with the lies that led us there in the first place., I think moveon.orgs ad was just a question from us, the betrayed. I repeat, General Petreaus, or General betray us. Thank you Keith Olberman for expressing what so many of us are feeling.

  5. I think he lets Petreaus off the hook in this commentary. Otherwise, It was great. except for him calling Lincoln “our greatest president”. He certainly was not.

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