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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

“We’re talking about a clear message to Iran — Israel has the right to self-defense — and that includes offensive operations against WMD facilities that pose a threat to Israel. The United States would justify such attacks.”
~John Bolton

de∙fense 1 the act or power of defending, or guarding against attack, harm, or danger 2 the fact or state of being defended 3 a) something that defends: means of or resources for protection b) a plan or system of defending 4 justification or support speech or writing; vindication 5 self-protection as by boxing 6 the side that is defending in any contest 7 a)the arguments in behalf of the defendant in a law case b) the defendant and his or her lawyer or lawyers, collectively

of∙fen∙sive 1 attacking; aggressive 2 of or for attack 3 designating or of the side that is seeking to score in any contest 4 unpleasant, as to the senses; disgusting; repugnant 5 causing resentment, anger, etc.; insulting

It appears Mr. John Bolton has either mastered the art of doubletalk or has confused the simple definitions of these words. Perhaps the words themselves have taken on new meaning. One can only wonder how the argument of “self-defense,” when no attack ever took place, would hold up in a court of law. Only the savviest of jurists could ever defend the argument successfully, yet we hear no questioning of the Israeli/US policy when these terms distort the discussion of an attack on Iran.

Dr. Dan Plesch and Martin Butcher recently released a discussion paper exploring the realities of an attack on Iran. The document discusses the prospect of the possible attempted destruction of the Iranian regime and state by the United States and its allies. The report definitively concludes the US has made military preparations to destroy Iran’s WMD, nuclear energy, regime, armed forces, state apparatus, and economic infrastructure within days, if not hours, of President George Bush giving the order.

Call your senators at the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121, and please call them today.

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2 thoughts on “Invisible People of the Middle East by Jennifer

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  2. Only Israel has the right to self-defense, apparently. All the other countries are considered a threat if they even lift a finger to try to protect themselves. So now we want to go after Iran, again, just because we don’t like their leader. People have forgotten we did the same thing in 1941 when we put the shah in power who killed millions of Iran’s citizens. The people finally got sick of it and a revolution took place in 1979, but we don’t want none of that. We want one of our own people back on the throne.
    This just shows how sickly evil our leaders are. But it also shows how dumb and complacent the American people are. It’s our fault, too. We “put” these people in power and we have done nothing to get them out of there.

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