Olbermann: Rep Jane Harman on FISA + Beyond the Horizon (videos; spying)

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Beyond the Horizon


Leahy to McConnell: Stop ‘Irresponsible Statements’ (videos)

Orwellian Legislation: Stop the Unconstitutional “Protect America” Act by Michael Boldin + FISA 101

Domestic Spying: Intel Chief Testifies on FISA (videos; links)

2 thoughts on “Olbermann: Rep Jane Harman on FISA + Beyond the Horizon (videos; spying)

  1. Mr. Olbermann would do well to interview Rep. Harman again, this time about the RAND Corp.- backed bill HE 1955, which would revive the essence of the House Un-American Activities Committee for the new age of repression. Rep. Harman is one of the most duplicitous Dem. members, in the same ideological camp as Sen. Lieberman, backed by the telecom companies that have cooperated in the NSA Internet surveillance of ALL web traffic.

    Only 6 members voted against this in late Oct. (Kucinich & Paul among them), 404 (!) voted AYE. Stay tuned for Reichstag fire II.

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