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Looks like I really am a Kucinich supporter. ~ Lo

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Who should you really support? Here at Attitude Media we don’t believe the American Presidential election should be decided by personality, or gender, or who has the best sound bites. If you agree with us that issues matter, then take the following objectively designed short survey to see which of the leading candidates most agree with your position on a wide variety of issues – and also who least agrees with those positions – you may be surprised!

We also rank you, as if you were running for president, and see how your positions rank according to the votes of other survey takers. It may be that voters prefer you as a candidate! To see the research on which we based the candidates’ positions, click here.

Take the Presidential Politics Survey

h/t: my friend, Andrew via email


Here’s another one:

Select a Candidate: President

h/t: Dennis 4 President in 2008!

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New survey:

Pick Your Candidate – Take the Survey (video no longer available)

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  9. Ralph Nader: If you aren’t into politics, politics will be into you.

    Or something along those lines.

    Thanks for getting your students interested. And good luck. We need the voice of youth, imo, in politics.

  10. You’re right a number of candidates from both parties were left off including Tancredo, Thompson, Dodd, Biden, Hunter, Gravel and a few others.

    I was a bit melodramatic in stating that “all” of my students take after their parents. Actually, the majority of my students seem apolitical unfortunately. If I mention politics they just glaze over with boredom. The reason I believe SOME of them blindly follow their parents lead is that there seems to be great disparity between who they say they support and the issues they find important. (And this goes in both directions). I’ve been looking for something to help connect their views with the candidates who support those views, and I think this link will be a good start.

  11. Good idea, and I also share your concerns, especially that Gravel was left off. Hopefully, Gravel supporters will let this site know that he should be included. I think there may be other candidates left off. All candidates should be included to be fair, imo.

    Just curious, how do you know these students support candidates that their parents also support? I remember thinking for myself at that age and many arguments, mostly with my father about politics. My mother and I tend to agree rather closely on political issues, especially now. She never became a citizen of this country so never voted here, and that bothered me a great deal. I’ve always had an interest in politics, even as a kid.

  12. What an outstanding site! I think I’m going to use it as a teaching tool for my freshmen college students, all of whom seem to be leaning toward whichever candidates their parents like without giving it a 2nd thought. My only two complaints are that I wish they included Mike Gravel and a question or two about the role corporations should play in elections.

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