YES A Coup has Occurred & The Answer is Blow’in in the Wind By Jim Kirwan

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By Jim Kirwan
09/28/07 “ICH


‘A Coup Has Occurred’ By Daniel Ellsberg

& “The Answer is Blow’in in the Wind”

In his clearly written article, Daniel Ellsberg points out many of the obvious things that others have been trying to unscramble now for at least the last six years. Line by line he wrestles with the reality of the facts as most have come to see them in this situation. What seems to be missing here is the poverty of both attitudes and motives that allowed this to happen in the first instance. With every passing moment these differences become more necessary, to any possible solution, to all that the Ellsberg article so clearly delineates.

For generations now people with real experience, individuals that have actually lived their lives in that crucible that molds experience and courage have been missing-in-action when it counts the most. These traits are necessary, not because they are exceptional: but because only with these capacities can this nation or any person in it– even begin to overturn–not only the nightmare we are living but the one to come as well.

What is needed now are people that understand the determination necessary to exhibit the strength of character that can change the course of history. This nation has become a place of bureaucrats and opportunists that speak in riddles to confuse the actual issues. These carpetbaggers exist to frustrate actual solutions in the predetermined outcomes that created the walls of our nightmares, and so far they’ve remained ‘in-charge.’ The opportunity to shut down the war exists in congress – now. Many have written about it, and yet this seemingly simple proposal is not taken seriously–even though it is the only thing that will work right now. In yesterday’s democratic debates an obscure candidate, Senator Mike Gravel, outlined this option, in the 1st video, right after Kucinich. (1)

The proposal is simple. The congress needs to resubmit their vetoed legislation on the war to the president every working day – until the country begins to understand that nothing is going to go forward until this issue is settled. The argument to-date was explained by Harry Reid not so long ago, on Democracy Now. He said: ‘I have a calculator in one hand and the Constitution in the other – and ‘we’ simply do not have the votes to override a veto – so we are limited by the Constitution as to what we can do.’ This is the problem in a nutshell, because ‘leaders’ know that limitations are only there to stop the weak from doing much of anything. It is the job of congress: Not to explain to the public why they cannot carry out their mandate (because of congressional rules)–but rather–to use those same rules to defeat the calculated plans of those that want to immobilize the powers of congress and continue their plundering War-on-Iraq.

This can only be stopped if the leadership knows something about actually fighting for things of real importance – beyond their own political talking points or future placements within their ‘parties.’ Being stubborn can be an asset and in this case it’s only the beginning of obtaining the outcome that’s needed. What Senator Reid cited was true in that moment – they didn’t have “the votes” – but what he failed to credit is the obvious proposition that once the legislation is resubmitted, doggedly day after day, the momentum on the ground will have to change, because the longer this goes on the more clearly will the resisting members be painted with the potential outcome of their continued refusal to support a shut down of the Iraq war.

Within weeks, the country will begin to recognize the fact that while these paper-warriors bicker, at-risk men and women are dying for nothing, because all the death beyond this point – need not happen!

As time passes, more and more people will begin to understand that the holdouts ‘for’ all this unnecessary death are the same people that brought us the lies & deceptions that got us into the war in the first place. Why should these people still be ‘in-charge’ of keeping the troops there, for nothing but more of the same. This is critical when one remembers that the elections that altered the demographics last year were to have at least begun an end to this war. Instead the new congress has lengthened the war, and has added immeasurably to the waste of treasure, in both blood and money, that continues to be squandered in Cheney’s private-war for ever-greater empire. The war cannot be won militarily, yet the congressional stalemate cannot continue either–because with every hour that passes people are unnecessarily dying for no other reason than the inconvenience to a few self-interested politicians and a thoroughly disgusted public that can see no end in sight to this nightmare.

From every angle the funding for this now ‘Trillion-Dollar-War’ must absolutely be stopped. The congress is paid by us to act on our forcefully expressed desires. In this battle we have always needed those that understand the importance of standing FOR something, and not just being against what others have proposed. Simple as they are Margret Mead’s humble yet powerful words are more true today than ever before: and the time to prove the truth in this axiom is now!

“Never doubt that a few, thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

1) Mike Gravel pulverizes the protective bubble of the ‘Democrat’ Elite with Truth


‘A Coup Has Occurred’ By Daniel Ellsberg

Democrats Were Charged To End A War, Not Start One By Mike Gravel

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