CODEPINK Citizens Arrested for commiting FREE SPEECH in Wash, DC (video)

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Arrested for reading the constitution!


Go to your windows and scream “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore”!!!!

Peaceful onlookers were arrested by police for reading the Constitution while a pro-war group was allowed full freedom of speech in Washington DC recently in another flagrant example of how American cops are now the enforcers of a tyrannical police state.

Police are required to swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution but this didn’t stop them from kidnapping members of the Code Pink group, who gathered on a nearby sidewalk to calmly express their disagreement with a Neo-Con pro-war event taking place nearby by reading the bill of rights.

The pro-occupation group “Vets for Freedom” held a rally at Upper Senate Park, Washington DC, on Saturday September 22nd. Their guest speakers included Neo-Con criminals John McCain, Johny Isakson and Joe Lieberman.

A common theme of the event was that U.S. troops in Iraq were there to “protect the freedom” of the Iraqi people, but this freedom didn’t seem to apply to the group of American citizens that decided to use their first amendment right of free speech to voice their dissent.

Five members of Code Pink were arrested, one for reading the Constitution, as police refused to say what the charges were and refused to answer any questions while demonstrators were hauled into paddy wagons.


at pro armageddon rally, sponsored by… at pro armageddon rally, sponsored by anti american Corporations.


Reading the Constitution an Arrestable Offense? Codepink

15 thoughts on “CODEPINK Citizens Arrested for commiting FREE SPEECH in Wash, DC (video)

  1. American citizen Medea Benjamin, a leader of the anti-American group Code Pink, announced in Amman, Jordan this week that Code Pink, it’s parent group Global Exchange and Families for Peace have donated $600,000 in aid to the ‘other side’ in the terrorist haven city of Fallujah in Iraq.

    This news, which has been ignored by the media worldwide, was reported by Agence France Press but was picked up by only two small news outlets:

    I don’t know of any other case in history in which the parents of fallen soldiers collected medicine … for the families of the ‘other side’,” said Medea Benjamin, the founding director of Global Exchange, a human rights group.

    “It is a reflection of a growing movement in the United States … opposed to the unjust nature of this war,” she said.

    “This is the positive face of the American people which we would like to show … so that we are not looked at with animosity but with love. Our hearts go out to the people of Fallujah and to all the Iraqi people,” she said.

    That money and supplies went to “insurgents” fighting US troops..Codepink also claimed the US used napalm which it did NOT, they also refer to white phosphorus as a weapon of mass destruction which it is not,

    Finally, some news accounts have claimed that U.S. forces have used “outlawed” phosphorous shells in Fallujah. Phosphorous shells are not outlawed. U.S. forces have used them very sparingly in Fallujah, for illumination purposes. They were fired into the air to illuminate enemy positions at night, not at enemy fighters.

    And at no time , EVER, In Iraq, has “poison gas” been used.

    The fighting in Fallujah, Iraq has led to a number of widespread myths including false charges that the United States is using chemical weapons such napalm and poison gas. None of these allegations are true.

    I defy Code Pink to prove otherwise.

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  3. You link to them,support them, but don’t know what they have done?

    I don’t need to ask them, they advertised it proudly…they gave three quarters of a million dollars to an organisation in the business of killing US soldiers.

  4. Is that what Code Pink had in mind when they handed $650,000 to terrorists in Falluljah?

    Or did they think that the terrorists would use the money for a tea party?

  5. How about EVERYONE in America gets their guns, including the pro war demonstrators who are FREE to promote the Iraq war simply shoot the Gestapo and the Nazis who have brought this upon what once was the LEADER in FREE SPEECH and PRIVACY.

  6. I didn’t use the word “tyrannical”.

    Good point on the fact that we didn’t see what was happening before the arrests.

    I gave a link to the Code Pink’s blog post on this, I’m sure they have more to say about it.

  7. So, you DO agree with Jon that we live in a tyrannical police state. Where was I wrong before?

    As for the video, yes, I watched it. All of it. I want my eleven minutes back. What a histrionic, skewed waste of time. if we were really in a police state, the videographer would’ve been peppersprayed and clubbed for insulting the police officers and making a scene himself.

    The oppressed members of the esteemed Code Pink couldn’t have been arrested just for reading The Constitution aloud in public. That kind of thing would only happen if they were publically extolling Prayer in Schools or American Exceptionalism. And, they couldn’t have been arrested just for being moonbats. Maybe the fashion industry outlawed the color pink.

    I don’t know. The video doesn’t show what happened prior to the arrests. Only the ensuing gnashing of teeth.

  8. I’m not claiming anything. Jon is the author of the comments prior to the video, although I do believe we are living in a police state.

    Many, many US citizens have been arrested recently and many more will be arrested. Did you watch the entire video?

    What exactly were the crimes being committed to deserve arrest?

  9. Not at all. You’re claiming we live in a tyrannical police state. Since you disagree with this Administration, I am only assuming that because of our oppressive ‘regime,’ you will be arrested at any moment.

  10. Whose arrest are you waiting for? Why would anyone await someone else’s arrest?

    Guess you had only great things to say when we have had Democratic presidents? No room for differing political views?

  11. “Peaceful onlookers were arrested by police for reading the Constitution while a pro-war group was allowed full freedom of speech in Washington DC recently in another flagrant example of how American cops are now the enforcers of a tyrannical police state.”

    I await news of your arrest, then. In such a tyrannical police state as ours, surely you will be thrown in the pokey for decrying our government.

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