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Oct 2, 2007


When the US Border Patrol encounters undocumented border crossers they have them abandon the packs they are carrying, and when they pat them down they use latex examine gloves, less they be infected by something by these people.

Maybe they’ll be infected by the desire to work hard and get ahead so that their families will have better lives.

These people have little to nothing, and usually all they possess are in their packs.

Valley Fever (cocidiomycosis) is a disease caused by a fungus spore which lodges in the lungs, scarring them and weakening the heart.

The disease is prevalent in the Southwest deserts and is carried in dust.

The spore can lay dormant in the soil for decades. Anything that creates a lot of extra dust has the potential to release hundreds of thousands of Valley Fever spores.

Valley Fever is epidemic in parts of the desert Southwest.

Dengue Fever is primarily a tropic disease, but it is also now in Northern Mexico along the border.

There are two types of Dengue Fever: Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever which is almost always deadly. Ebola is another hemorrhagic fever.

The normal Dengue Fever, also known as bone fever, won’t kill you unless you are very young, sick or old.

It will make you feel like death or that you wish you would die for about two weeks. You will have a high raging fever and your bones and joints will ache.

There is no known cure for Dengue Fever, the person with the fever has to wait the disease out.

Dengue Fever’s vector is the common mosquito.

Dengue Fever also infects cattle, and mosquitoes often pick up the virus from cattle.

Both Northern Mexico and the Southwest border areas are cattle grazing country.

The US Border Patrol, in their zeal to apprehend undocumented border crossers, drags dirt roads along the border, raising great clouds of dust that is blown for miles.

Normally three large old truck tires are wired together, and drug rapidly down dirt roads near the border where people cross.

This enables the Border Patrol to track the footprints of people crossing over the fine powdery dust. The BP calls it “Cutting Sign.”

The BP is suppose to remove the tires that they use for dragging. In reality they leave these old, wired together tires which last for decades and decades scattered all over the desert.

These old tires hold rain water and are perfect breeding incubators for mosquitoes.

I feel so much better and safer that the US Border patrol protects their agents from the exposure to serious disease with latex exam gloves.


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