Joe Scarborough Explains Why Ron Paul Is So Popular (video)

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13 thoughts on “Joe Scarborough Explains Why Ron Paul Is So Popular (video)

  1. really?

    so you’re all for concentration camps, gold confiscation, the war powers act (which paved the way for bush’s martial law powers), forced work brigades, executive orders that give the president more legislating power than congress, supreme court stuffing, nationwide “bans” on strikes, provoking the nation into war (as he did with japan), etc. etc.?

    yeah, he’s a swell guy.

    and, i don’t like reagan either, for the record. but compared to FDR, he’s a saint.


  2. andrew,

    you are absurd and ridiculous.

    the welfare state/affirmative action type programs and collective group identity mindset is at the root cause of racism, not some right-wing “capitalist” conspiracy. there is a little maxim from bastiat that paul follows, in everything he votes against: if it is wrong for an individual to take from one group and give to another and discriminate based upon the color of one’s skin, then it is wrong for the government to do so, regardless of your “high” principles. this is pure slander. if you are referring to that infamous newsletter, it has already been thoroughly discredited and nowhere else in his voluminous writings has he ever uttered similar remarks.

    and how do you arrive at the conclusion that paul is anti-woman? because he, as a medical doctor, is against abortion? this is not so difficult to understand. he is pro-life, all across the board. which means he is against the federal death penalty, against wars of aggression, and against wars on our civil liberties (i.e. the war on drugs).

    anti separation of church and state? again, where do you get this stuff? paul certainly doesn’t want to establish a state religion any time soon, but he also doesn’t want the state to prohibit you from freely and openly exercising your religious beliefs either. it’s called freedom of speech.

    and kucinich praises FDR, who was a fascist, pure and simple, and the new deal, which was a constitutional and economic disaster and paved the way for the runaway federal government we have today, which scares me more than any alleged remarks ron paul has ever made.


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  4. Lo,

    Indeed, Reagan was one of our worst presidents. My point is that, while Reagan openly mocked black Americans, saying they are criminals and welfare queens, Republicans who followed soft peddled racism. They pursue racist policies, but they try to appear like race neutral types of guys. Reagan wasn’t politically correct like the Bushes.

    But Ron Paul is more like Reagan. He openly mocks black people, calling them criminals and opposing any programs to achieve racial justice in America. He is on the same page as Reagan in being openly anti-woman and anti-separation of church and state. The guy is proud to be a right-wing extremist, just like Reagan. So Joe nailed it.

    People wanting to see a Kucinich/Paul ticket haven’t the first clue about politics in America. Kucinish and Paul are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Kucinich is a progressive civil libertarian social democratic type, whereas Paul is a racist, sexist, ultracapitalist type who is deeply opposed to civil liberties.

    Just as nobody in the Democratic race is to the left of Kucinich, nobody in the Republican race is to the right of Paul.


  5. I also would love to see a joint Kuc/Paul independent. Different platforms be damned, they are joined by reason and relative honesty in the face of the criminal throng of “frontrunners.”

  6. Ummm… do they lay out newspapers and look through them like this every morning? It looks very amateurish, if I say so myself, you know what I mean?

    (P.S. FMNN has horrific news about the G.O.P. versus Ron Paul… my website…)

  7. Lo,
    I would like to see a Paul/Kucinich, or Kucincih/Paul Independent Ticket. Take care of America(n’s)!

    Let the trials begin! Let’s Convict, and Incarcerate the Traitor’s, and all Compliciant Conspirators.

    Vote by Absentee BAllot, No-Morph No-Caging No-Tests No Thuggery ! No count ??
    Nothing beats a failure but a try.

  8. Dr. Ron Paul…to note, I’ve voted in every general election since ’96 as an Independent, I registered Democrat in 2004, realizing in the State of Kentucky one must be a member of either the Republicans or the Dems to vote in the primary and seeing Kucinich less and less often, I’m on the verge of switching to Republican so I can vote for Ron Paul!


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