Olbermann: Blackwater + John Edwards + Rush + Worst Person + (videos)

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clyde1952 In Keith Olbermann’s opening segment …

In Keith Olbermann’s opening segment the first State Dept. report on the shooting of Iraq civilian by Blackwater employees was written by…..a Blackwater employee. The FBI agents who were supposed to investigate Blackwater were supposed to be protected by none other than…Blackwater. That has been called off. Of course, a Republican says we should just call off the investigation and let Blackwater be on it’s way.

Keith interviews Presidential Candidate John Edwards, who says we should get rid of the private contractors like Blackwater. And the best way to do that is to get our troops out of Iraq.

This segment starts rather abruptly as you will see. This was caused by a commercial that ran long. I hate it when that happens, don’t you? At any rate, this has to do whether the new Attorney General will be more cooperative than the old one. You remember Fredo don’t you? Dana Milbank guests.

Another Republican decides to retire rather than face the music.

Oddball: A stripper entertains in a Florida City Commissioners Chambers. It was for a baby shower.
A parking meter thief? Didn’t that guy ever see Cool Hand Luke?
Included is the Best Person in the World segment.

More on Rush Limbaugh trying to cover up his “phony soldier” comments. He then called a soldier who did the Vote Vets Ad (you can see it on my blog at http://www.clydestuff.blogspot.com) a “Suicide Bomber.” And instead of just owning up to it and admitting to what he said, Rush Limpbutt doctored and edited the tapes from the program to make it appear he didn’t quite say it the way he meant it.

In fact, the soldier that Rush Limbaugh called a phony soldier and suicide bomber, was seriously injured by a real suicide bomber. The fact that there are people in this country out there defending Rush Lardass tells you how far this country has sunk into a state where all politics trump decency. Keith interviews retired Army Staff Sgt. Brian Mcgough. As far as I’m concerned, anybody who supports Rush Lardass has totally lost their moral compass.

heathr234 And the winner is….Jonah Goldberg! …

And the winner is….Jonah Goldberg! Runners up AT&T and Bill O’Reilly.

One thought on “Olbermann: Blackwater + John Edwards + Rush + Worst Person + (videos)

  1. America when will you stop ?ing authority, and start demanding THE Answers that shows Accountability, and Corrective Actions.
    Silence is Compliance. It is deafening.
    Ruff Limpies, “A blatant use of a valiant combat veteran lying to him(who) about what I said, then strapping those lies to his belt sending him put via the media & T.V ad to walk into as many people as he can walk into ? Armed with an Opinion(dangerous), opposed to Limpies Truth in what he said(which time?). Where is he, well he’s re-writing his previously spoken words. Your words are your own.
    Limpie is wrong, they are not Phony Soldiers, it is a PHONY WAR, lead by “Phonies”. Like all Phony tough guys, they talk big at a distance, but that up close and personal stuff is for someone else to take care of, someone like S/Sgt. McGough(?).
    A Third Party now, or this Pull me Push you creature will continue until we’re all broke and dead.
    Vote by Absentee Ballot No-Morph No-Caging No-Tests No-Thuggery !! No Count???
    Kucinich/Paul, or Paul/Kucinich Independat ticket ’08

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