PBS News Hour: Dennis Kucinich (video)

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Run time: 20:36

Dennis Kucinich Discusses Iraq War, Health Care

6 thoughts on “PBS News Hour: Dennis Kucinich (video)

  1. i’m sorry if i seemed a little harsh. he just came across that way in the interview. remember, i’m championing a paul/kucinich ticket, regardless.

    and actually, corporate personhood is an example of big government largesse, not free market liberties. most libertarians i know want to do away with the whole notion of corporate personhood.

    right wing code? oh come on. don’t you think you know better how to invest your money than the bureaucrats in washington?


  2. “Economic liberties” is right wing code for corporate freedom or “corporate personhood.” Dennis Kucinich supports the democratic process. John F Kennedy is Kucinich idol not FDR. Big Business and the bankers want to steal the fruits of your labor not Dennis Kucinich.

  3. I think you are unfair to Kucinich calling him a possible dictator, Bon. And I’m guessing you have a job, a pretty good one from the way you write. Hope it’s a secure one, for your sake.

  4. dennis kucinich: the benevolent dictator.

    to hell with the democratic process and the market, *he* will fix the health care system, *he* will run our economy, *he* will bring peace to iraq, *he* will establish international trade laws, *he* will regulate our use of the environment, *he* will spend your money for you (through increased payroll deductions to pay for *his* programs), no doubt through the kind of executive orders his idol FDR issued back in the day, bypassing congress altogether.

    he’s great on civil liberties, but awful on economic liberties. i would prefer to be just as free in keeping and investing the fruits of my own labor, thank you very much.


  5. He handled himself very well. I would like a little less hubris in his presentation. He kept saying “I’m the only candidate who…” And sometimes it wasn’t true. … And that fake smile after each of his speaking sprees is kind of weird.

    Nevertheless, he won points with me, and I already support him more than any other Democratic candidate. Overall, good job.

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