The Daily Show: Bush’s SCHIP Veto By Manila Ryce (link)

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By Manila Ryce
Published Friday, October 5th, 2007, 12:40 pm

Stewart describes Bush’s villainy as rivaling that of a cartoon character after he has recently refused to tax smokers in order to give poor children healthcare. Oh, did we mention that these children are communists? It’s true. They’re like a miniature Red Army trying to impose the horrors of socialized medicine on you and your loved ones. Doctors will abandon their scalpels for sickles, and iron curtains will be placed around each patient’s bed. Bush further articulates his reasons for vetoing the bill. Enjoy.

Stewart’s Money Quote: “It’s foolproof. Wait, unless we convince poor kids to start smoking. Then they would pay for their own healthcare.”

2 thoughts on “The Daily Show: Bush’s SCHIP Veto By Manila Ryce (link)

  1. But we shouldn’t make the poor who smoke cigs pay for it. That is ridiculous. Smokers already pay more in regressive taxes.

    And all US citizens deserve health care. Universal health care!

  2. Lo,
    What a bunch of crooked assed BASTARDS.
    $83,000.00 I haven’t ever had an Imcome that high. What about the millions that don’t even come close to that income? Pass the Bill, then make the necessary changes later, it’s Legislation stupid !
    The poor kiddies are still sick, a*shole$ !
    If we can;
    Vote by Absentee Ballot No-Caging Morph Tests Thuggery ! No count ? ? ?
    Nothing beats a failure but a TRY, everyone !

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