Bill Moyers: Hagee: Strike Iran for Israel (video; links)

My only comment: WWJD? These people do not speak for all believers in Y’Shua (Jesus). ~ Lo

Dandelion Salad

Christians United for Israel

Bill Moyers Journal on PBS, Oct 07, 2…

Bill Moyers Journal on PBS, Oct 07, 2007

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL reports on the politically powerful group Christians United for Israel, whose leader, Pastor John Hagee, advocates for a preemptive strike against Iran.

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  1. I am so angry over the continuous warring that my writing is suffering, i want to make clear that I am addressing my remarks in the above comments to Mr. Hagee, not Bil Moyers or Dandelion Salad.

  2. Deb E. Dee, on October 7th, 2007 at 5:26 pm Said:
    I am corecxting my previous posts, becaust I did not proof it well enough, and my keyboard is old and crippled.O.K. here goes again :
    All three of the monotheistic religeons war against each other, as if the Bible was their real God, and it is
    a book and though it may is some cases be inspired by love, it is the words of men, and the wars that those who commit the sin of idolatry by worshiping this book , instead of the Living Spirit of Love, are a testament to this fact.
    I am a Native American Woman, and the body of Great Spirit that you destroy over and over again through your wars, and your lack of recognition of the life and spirit of the Divine Feminine, whose perspective is sadly lacking in all three monotheistic faiths, and the hatred and emnity which you continually sow in your arrogance in believing you know the entire mind of Great Spirit from these books alone is manifest .You ignore the living word, the stones that rose up and walked and talked, and how often men have murdered these very stones infused with the life of the Shekina Glory everytime you wage war, will not prevail against wisdom and her children , who were here before you and will be here afterward. All three monotheistic faiths are sadly lacking in feminine perspective, because they have rejected the cornerstone, Which is the very ground below their feet.
    It is a round world, not an adversarial two sided world, and not a long shaft of a world, and not a seesaw of a world, in which what goes around comes around.
    Amos: 18-20
    “Woe unto you who desire the day of the Lord!
    Why would you have the day of the Lord?
    It is darkness, and not light;
    as if a manfled from a lion,
    and a bear met him;
    or went into the house and leaned with
    his hand against the wall,
    and a serpent bit him.
    Is not the day of the Lord darkness,
    and not light,
    and gloom with no brightness in it?”

    I nonetheless revere the Bible, and all holy scriptues, blooddrenched and contradictory though their texts often are, and here is one of my favorite Bible verses, from the revised standard version of the Christian Bible. Most biblical scholars today hold this version to be closest to the original Hebrew scriptures.:Isaiah
    “You shall leave your name unto my chosen for a curse, and the Lord God will slay you, so that he who blesses himself in the land shall bless himself by the
    God of truth,
    and he who takes an oath in the land shall swear by the God of truth,
    because the former troubles are forgotten
    and are hid from my eyes”

    There is another scripture, my very favorite, repeated in both old and new testaments of this Bible, in which God states something quite beautiful through his prophets: Hosea 6:6
    “for I desired mercy
    and not sacrifice”.
    Please read your books, completely,and humbly,
    before anyone goes off half-cocked and commits more murders in God’s name.
    Better yet, make love, not war.
    Deb E. Dee, priestess of Gaia

  3. Lo,
    Whoo every (U.S.) state, and 10 countries, wouldn’t that just be 11 countries ?
    2yrs.old, not only can walk, more dangerously it can talk. A quick accent to a force to be Reckoned with ?
    Christian Zionism, Hagee they’re not really your friends. Together we’ll reshape History, what is the Position that the real “Zionists” have for U ? What part o the bible says that we’re supposed to be subservient to the master’s, again ? Oh, Christianities BIG BRO(just don’t tase me bro), “Zionism” ?
    Interesting, we have to recognize Israel the country, but do we have to support “Radical/Racism” ?
    Israel became a state, or did it invade Palestine ? Israel had been born in 1948, though this was God’s creation before time was recorded, Pastor Hagee.
    Using the pulpit not only for spiritual cleansing, But for Political Pressure, Separation, ANYONE ? Tax Status please ?
    Aut Oh, Islamist Imperialist, and Supremists, what the Palestinians holding the “TEMPLE MOUNT” hostage still?
    And “we” speak the same Language, is this the problem in Eurasia, lack of Communications ?
    Pastor Hagee, watch out or you’ll end up on a watch list, for you lead a “Great’ MULTITUDE, this is dangerous, if you’d like to Know, today we love U, Tomorrow we (?) U.
    While Lobbing, you can pressure with an “Amen”, “Can I get, An Amen” ? Don’t we have
    (s)Elected Officials that can talk w/o stuttering ? Or, is Facing such a Strong voting Block that Scary, to their Power ? Your words are your OWN, use them wisely.
    The Land for Peace didn’t Obviously work, so we think that UN-Occupying some land makes it all better. Perhaps should Israel stop Killing people in Palestinian territory, the VIOLENCE would subside. Now we Propose(Scary word in U,S, Legislature) the stoppage of returning the Land for Peace ? Poor Rep. Gingrey your in a Hornets nest here, and the Hornets are buzzing, Rep. made a point about the Israel/Palestinian violence, and was shut DOWN, NOW. This is a group to be Reckoned with, for real. He needs to Hear, who what when where and WHY ? The How is of course the cleansing of the “Temple Mount”, that is all. Giving Israel’s Land back, the land that they Occupy, I know of no land of Israels’ that is Occupied, where is it ?

    NO ROOM for Compromise HERE !
    No Peace, No Settlement, No, No, No, No, ect…, . Now the Message is Clear, Israel or NOTHING ! ! Israel, you don’t need “our” protection, you need GOD. When property is abandoned it becomes the Property of the New Owner’s, that is LAW, man’s or not.
    Is there a Connection between Katrina and the Expulsion of Illegal Trespasser’s, if you say so Pastor Hagee, but perhaps it is Coincidental, But if U say so, It must be true.
    A shame that the so called “Christian’s” are dancing to this beat of WAR.
    Physician Heal thy Self.
    Loose the Hatred, or Christ will not accept you, no where in the New testament did CHRIST preach hate, but rathe,r to love thy NEIGHBOR, an important Commandment, according to CHRIST.

    Sorry for the lenght, but the word were so scary, that I was compelled to speak and ask, What are “Christian’s” doing ? Christians turn the other cheek, or your Follower of the other Christ !

    Peace will Expose the Beast for what it is, a
    Cruel & Unusual Creature final solution for Anti-/Uns-?

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