Ron Paul: “Defending the American Dream Summit” (video)

I truly disagree with most of what Ron Paul stands for. ~ Lo

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unconsious767 seen on cspan: Ron Paul speaks in D.C…

Seen on C-SPAN: Ron Paul speaks in D.C. to the Americans for Prosperity at the Defending the American Dream Summit, Oct 5, 2007

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul: “Defending the American Dream Summit” (video)

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  2. So then you do disagree with actual property rights (over paying the government rent and if you dont pay it get out), no federal income taxes, no central bank monopolized money/inflation, etc. True Freedom?

    The Federal Reserve is the engine for American Imperialism. The Iraq war is only a symptom of a much deeper issue. Google Video: “Dollar Hegemony”.

    Dennis doesn’t have answers to any of the above. Dennis is a good guy and all, but he’ll need more taxes, and more of the above. Meanwhile we’re ALREADY bankrupt. How far can it go?

    Please email me if you can show me where Dennis has solutions for any of the above.

    I understand there’s some problems like health care that might influence you, but we have to look at the source of the problem and that’s the system Ron Paul is trying to attack at the jugular.

  3. So you disagree with freedom, low taxation, civil rights, prosperity and peace? Wow…..I feel very badly for you. And I would not want to meet you in a dark alley..

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