Colbert Challenges Kucinich: Redux By Manila Ryce (link)

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By Manila Ryce
Published Thursday, October 11th, 2007, 5:23 am

Colbert re-challenges “vegan wood-spirit” Dennis Kucinich, the most elusive of the Democratic presidential candidates. After calling Kucinich a coward for not accepting, Colbert gets the mystical equivalent of a glove to the face from the “Pocket Master” (incidentally, that was also my nickname in high school, but for a different reason). Colbert will attempt to capture Special K in his studio with ancient runes, an enchanted studio audience, and the bottled essence of Chris Angel on Monday October 15th.—pocketmaster


The Colbert Report: Dennis Kucinich is on Notice by Manila Ryce (video link; poll)

5 thoughts on “Colbert Challenges Kucinich: Redux By Manila Ryce (link)

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  2. Perhaps Colbert is an alien, because if he casts names at others for laughs, perhaps he should keep his head sideways to hide his ghastly elf ear!!!

    Kucinich Uber Alles

    Only candidate actually speaking out against the nuclear hypocrisy!!!

  3. Kucinich and Colbert in ’08!!!

    The funniest line I saw recently was someone on DailyKos pretending to make fun of all the candidates (he was really making fun of the flamewars that break out between followers of said candidates) and his line about Special K was:

    “Dennis Kucinich makes cookies in a hollow tree!!!”

    Hey, I think he’s uncommonly good, whereever he comes from. 😀

  4. Hi Bob, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Colbert is all satire, tongue in cheek. It’s just an act that he’s a Bush supporter/Republican. But one doesn’t know or realize unless they watch his show. Just had to explain this to another friend of mine recently.

  5. Good stuff, Lorri! I have mixed feelings about colbert…not really sure what side he is on, but maybe I just don’t watch him enough (which I dont’)… 🙂
    My son sends me Jon S. videos…otherwise I wouldn’t see either, oh, yes I look at Crooks and Liars now and again…

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