Olbermann: Hillary Clinton + Congress (videos)

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clyde1952 In the opening segment of tonights Co…

In the opening segment of tonights Countdown with Keith Olbermann, he comments on the fact that Congress may capitulate to Bush’s demand that the big telecoms be given immunity from prosecution. Thank you Nancy Pelosi.

And more evidence that Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell was behind the swift boating of twelve year old Graeme Frost. Mitch doesn’t want to lose the Gravy Train cash pay outs of Big Pharma and Insurance companies.

Keith touches on these subjects, her vote on the Kyl/LIEberman amendment and more in the first part of an interview with Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.

The completion of Keith’s interview with Hilary Clinton.

In another segment, Keith and his guest talk about possibly winning the Nobel Peace prize, the draft Al Gore movement, and the viability of Gore as a presidential candidate.

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