Cafferty File: What Else is Our Govt Lying to Us About? (video)

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5 thoughts on “Cafferty File: What Else is Our Govt Lying to Us About? (video)

  1. If my candidate (Obama)does not win the nomination because of supper delegates,i will not participate in the presidential election.due to the fact that nothing is going to change. we need change,and obama is change!!! P.S. AMERICA NEEDS TO BE INSPERED.

  2. Obama has missed a bet on calling Hillary on her 5M
    personal contribution to her own campaign. If she
    percieves herself able to fix financial problems in this country, why was she not on top of spending for herself and having to do a personal bail-out to keep her campaign going.

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  4. He is lying about the economy or rather what to do about it. He does not need to rob the Social Security or any other program that helps Americans. All he needs to do is quit sending money to other countries trying to play big rich uncle. Why are we sending millions and billions of our dollars to these people?? Please don’t insult me by saying its going to the poor starving people of the world. We both know better that that.


  5. President Bush has ruined our reputation around the world. No one is taking this trip seriously, He is just using up his days in office. He has not made the world a better place than when he found it.

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