Ralph Nader: Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought! (video)

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Ralph Nader, activist, author and lecturer, shared his views in the matter of the “Next Steps for the Peace Movement,” at a panel discussion on Oct. 11, 2007. The event was held at Bus Boys and Poets, in Washington, D.C. It was a fundraiser for DemocracyRising.US. For more information, please go to: http://www.democracyrising.us./ Mr. Nader’s latest book is entitled: “The Seventeen Traditions.”

12 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought! (video)

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  2. Parantar, sorry to hear that. The video does work. I had trouble earlier today and had to reboot my computer, then the videos worked fine after that. It’s been happening a lot lately, very frustrating.

    Another thing to try is to click “refresh”, sometimes that works, too.

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  4. Great statement by Nader. Problem is, he doesn’t represent an opposition party either. We need a real opposition party, a progressive/populist party.

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  9. Lo,
    Isn’t Extorsion against the Law, and wouldn’t that also be High Crimes and Misdameanor’s, too?

    Vote by Absentee Ballot No Caging Morph Test Thuggery ! No count ??
    Nothing beats a failure but a TRY !
    Third Party Now 2/3rds Majority Vote.

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