Real Time with Bill Maher (videos)

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Real Time’s Overtime segment with Joy Behar, Paul Krugman and Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson shows how much of a hack he is with this agrument on health insurance. Why should those who benefit from the system pay into it instead of those that are insured paying the cost when they show up in the emergency room? In Tucker’s view this is “authoritarianism” Look at how the Democrats messed up the bill according to Tucker when it was actually the Republicans who decided it was better to tax smokers than the insurance companies and taxing smokers was the only way to get it through or do nothing. Carlson then goes on to defend the Malkin attacks on the kid who did the Democratic address on SCHIP and it makes you look “mean” if you don’t attack him and actually have to debate your points instead. Tucker tries to act like he’s not a “shill for a party”, yeah right. Bill gets it wron since the family tried to get insurance and were denied. It wasn’t only because they might not have been able to afford it. Then the point is made about the money we’re spending in Iraq and what our priorities are. Then Krugman makes the point that the GOP doesn’t want the goverment to work. Tucker tries to play the good and evil card after that and that everyone just hates Bush baloney and Maher shoots him down.

The panel discusses just what Blackwater is doing in Iraq and Tucker Carlson says that we have to have them there or our diplomats could not be protected and that our troops could not do the same job. Paul Krugman tells him his arguments are idiotic.

Bill Maher’s Real Tims intro on the SCHIP veto.

Real Time New Rules Oct. 12, 2007. Romney for the robot hair, making mistakes at any age, Xerox machines, flag lapel pins, phony outrage and the trouble with the MSM.