Olbermann: Al Qaeda + SCHIP + Spying + Craig + Worst (videos)

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The war is over! The war is over! Al Qaida has been totally defeated and our service men and women can now come home. Well not exactly. Unforutnately, its the same guy that brought us Mission: Accomplished now brings us the total wipe out of Al Qaida. His name is Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal. So why isn’t everybody out in the streets celebrating?

Because the fact is, even if it were true you don’t really think the neo-cons and Bushies actually would want us to leave Iraq under any circumstances, do you? It might interfere with their plans for another little military party in Iran. Joining Keith in part one of this segment is Dana Milbank.

In Part II of this segment on Mission Accomplished: The Sequel, John Soltz of http://www.votevets.org joins Keith to give his perspective and the perspective of the soldiers on the ground.

Land of the Free, Home of the spied upon. As more and more stories about the spying habits of the Bush Adminsitration come to light, you’ll understand more and more why the lobbyists of the big telecommunication firms need Congress to grant them immunity from previous misdeed. What’s that you say? A country spying on it’s own citizens is not such a big deal. Okay, then how about forcibly injecting immigrants with drugs. Constitutional Law expert Jonathan Turley joins Keith to guide you through the ins and outs of this segment. I think Jonathan may be out of a job soon, as we really don’t have much of a constitution left. I don’t know what a consitutional law expert does when that happens except to find another area of expertise.

Oddball: World’s largest shirt, camel racing, and a brand new statue of Vincente Fox in Mexico comes tumbling down.

Best Persons: Jose Caragol who has the best campaign slogan I ever heard, Father Gary Husband who helped women with their undies, and a hungry criminal.

Last Friday Keith interviewed the parents of kidnap and rape victim Shawn Hornbeck (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMmH2s…
Tonight he interviews the parents of Graeme Frost (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nzKQa… the parents of the 12 year old kid who went on the radio simply to say how the Schip program had saved the lives of Graeme and his little sister. And for this the lunatic fringe of the wingnut party went after the boy with a vengeance, not only publishing the address of the family, but spreading lies and disinformation about them on the internet. The biggest culprits in all of this hatred for these children were the usual suspects plus one: Michelle “I love internment camps” Malkin, Rush Limpbutt, and those who work for Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Tonight, for the first time you will see heart wrenching photographs of the pain and suffering these two children went through, only to be once again piled on by the hate spewing reptiles of the Repugnican Party. So be prepared.

Update: More photographs can be seen with better clarity here:


Okay, on a lighter note, it seems that Senator “wide stance” Larry Craig is letting Keith write his material for him.
You’ll see as Keith plays a segment from Craig’s interview with Matt Lauer.

Keeping Tabs: Uh-oh. It seems that there may have been guns in Orenthal Jame’s attempt to heist some souvenirs. His partners in crime are singing like a bunch of canaries.

Worst Persons: Bronze – Michelle Malkin, Silver – Senator Lindsay Grahm, Gold – Roger Ailes

Finally, a segment on Rudy Giuliani, who says we are well prepared if we are ever visited by the likes of Klaatu, Gort, oh and maybe E.T.

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  1. Haha. Keith Olbermann cracks me up. I love the guy.

    Part of the reason he’s so funny is because the issues he reports on are so obviously F’d up. Bill O’Reilly makes these things sound complicated and in the best interests of America, but Olbermann simply points out the obvious.

    Ha. Then he bashed Lou Dobbs too! LOL.

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  3. Lo,
    How quickly we forget, there was an Iraqi child brought here for re-constructive surgery, free of cost, isn’t that enough, for yopur health/media care lust ? See we’re charitable/compassionate.
    USA, USA, USA, gooooo team go!

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