Poverty and Capital Punishment Go Hand In Hand By Petar Hadji-Ristic

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By Petar Hadji-Ristic
BERLIN, Oct 17 (IPS)

In rich and poor countries alike poverty and the death penalty are almost always inextricably bound together, according to a worldwide survey of experts and human rights activists carried out by journalists as part of the IPS Death Penalty Abolition Project.

“In its 40 years of fighting against the death penalty, Amnesty International (AI) has constantly witnessed the relationship between poverty and the death penalty,” Piers Bannister, coordinator of the rights organisation’s death penalty team, told IPS. Social standing, wealth or race were the overriding factors in deciding who received the death penalty — not the severity of the crime.

Penal Reform International (PRI), an organisation with a long history of campaigning for death penalty abolition and the rights of prisoners, echoed these views. “Imprisonment and poverty are closely linked,” Mel James, PRI policy director said, adding that many countries lacked the technical resources to investigate serious crimes adequately and to “ensure that the innocent are not wrongly accused.”

In China, the world’s most populous country, the number of executions is a state secret, according to Antoaneta Bezlova, IPS correspondent in Beijing.


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NO VOLVERAN -The Venezuelan Revolution Now (video)

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Altered State Films
1 hr 28 min 51 sec – Aug 19, 2007

Caio Dezorzi

Behind the bold policies of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez is a revolutionary mass movement that is saying NO to capitalism, and attempting to change the course of Latin American history.

Journey deep into the barrios, out to the factories and into the heart of the revolution to find out why there is a movement to transform society. Meet the people who are fighting for power in their communities, and taking control of their work places. Follow the factory workers of Sanitarios Maracay in their struggle against sabotage and corruption, as they pave the way forward with their unprecedented campaign for full nationalisation under workers’ control.

In this feature length documentary, meet many of the key revolutionary figures to find out how they are trying build socialism of the 21st century, and how it is changing peoples lives.

www.handsoffvenezuela.org www.alteredstatefilms.com www.marxist.com

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Olbermann: Answer Your Phone “F*ck Bush!” + Telecoms Spying + Healthcare + Maddow + Worst (videos)

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More on the Spy Game. Verizon admits to passing information onto the government without a warrant…well at least a tiny part of it. The other telecoms such as Qwest and ATT are stonewalling and hoping for a retro-active amnesty bill from Congress, courtesy of President Bush. Do you think your information could not have possibly been turned over to the government? You might want to wait until you view this segment before answering that question. Dana Milbank joins Keith.

In this segment about the wiretaps, John Dean joins Keith to continue their adaptation of Dean’s Book Broken Government. In this segment they discuss the illegal wiretapping and its implications.

Do you have a child? You now say that you can’t afford medical care when your child develops a life threatening heart problem? Well, damn you to hell for daring to have a child. No, of course that’s not my sentiments but it seems to be the sentiments of the lunatic fringe of the Repugnant Party, led once again by their fearless Gestapo leader Michelle “I just love internment camps” Malkin. Or maybe they would prefer that you had an abortion. You know what their motto is: Live begins at conception but after birth you’re on your own. And why do we call them lunatic fringe? We know they are looney but does the Repugnant party have any constituency that could be considered main stream these days? If they were, why isn’t another one of their fearless leaders, Mitch McConnell and his aide out there denouncing them instead of giving them ammunition? Yes, those dollar bills you see stuffed in his pockets did come from the insurance industry and pharmaceutical companies.

Well, as you can tell the hateful right has found another child to run through the wringer for daring to want to live and to have an operation to save her life. Her name is Bethany Wilkerson, and she is another child that the Republicans believe should have died and just decreased the surplus population. After all, couldn’t those tax dollars have been put to better use in Iraq killing people?

Paul Krugman joins Keith. They both were accused of lying about McConnell’s aide, Don Stewart, sending out the email in regards to Graeme Frost. Well, of course they weren’t as you will see. Sorry Mitch. Sorry Don. We know who the real liars are.

Oddball: Bitesize Bacon and a red racing car that forgets something as it leaves the starting line.

Best Persons: Toothpicks on a Football Field courtesy of a disgruntled losing team, Jerry Seinfeld’s wife Jessica who gave Oprah some shoes, and another dumb criminal who tried to blackmail the owner of a cell phone that he stole.

Another incident involving an aide to Joe Knollenberg of Michigan who doesn’t want to answer questions about his positions on such mundane matters as the Schip, and the Iraq War. You may have already seen this elsewhere but one of my favorites, Rachael Maddow, stops by for a chat.

A difficult show to edit tonight. Some segments were too short, other too long, others not long enough to make a good mix so we end up with six parts instead of five.

First up in Keeping Tabs we have Ellen Degeneres going on a crying jag over a doggie. Will Prince William and Kate Middleton marry? They spent some time hunting together on one of the royal estates.

Worst Persons: Bronze – Billo, Silver – Rush Limpbutt and his sheep followers. This is fitting tonight. And the gold goes to Richard Johnson, a New York Post Editor who threatened to rape someone.

In the last segment, Michael Musto and Keith discuss why Britney is in the pink. Catch you later.