Yoko Ono on the New Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland (link)

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EXCLUSIVE: Yoko Ono on the New Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, Art & Politics, the Peace Movement, Government Surveillance and the Murder of John Lennon

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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

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Today, we spend the hour with Yoko Ono: artist, musician, peace activist. She joins us in the firehouse studio just days after returning from Iceland, where she unveiled a project 40 years in the making — the Imagine Peace Tower. Dedicated to her late husband John Lennon, the tower shoots light into the sky and bears the inscription “Imagine Peace.” It will light up every year between October 9th, the day of Lennon’s birth, and December 8th, the day of his death. [includes rush transcript]

Today we’ll speak with Yoko Ono about this latest project, and her long and sometimes overlooked career as a prolific artist and innovator. We’ll also talk about her husband John Lennon — and how their political activism together led to government surveillance and deportation attempts from the Nixon administration. But first, this an excerpt of Ono’s speech unveiling the Imagine Peace Tower, one week ago today.

  • Yoko Ono, speaking in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Among those joining her to unveil the statue was Sean Lennon, her only child with John Lennon. John Lennon’s fellow Beatle Ringo Starr was also there. Yoko Ono joins us now in the firehouse studio for the hour.

  • Yoko Ono, musician, artist, and peace activist. Last week she unveiled the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, dedicated to her late husband John Lennon. More info: ImaginePeace.com.


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