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Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Nobel Peace Prize, as determined by Nobel’s own words, should be granted, “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” Al Gore hardly fits this requirement; however, this argument will not analyze or critique his behavior for the jets he fuels on his journeys throughout the world, nor the distribution of a film that discussed his life more than the issue it purports to tackle (Global Warming), it will examine some of the events that unfolded during his Vice-Presidency under Bill Clinton. In fact, according to Edward S. Herman the office of Bill Clinton was responsible for some of the most horrific war crimes and abuses of international law, such as the Geneva Conventions and The Hague in the history of the United States. The Bush Administration has simply furthered the abuses of power that Clinton et al reigned down upon poor nations. The list of abuses includes the carrying out of wars of aggression, the use of poison gases and other inhumane weapons, deliberately killing and starving civilian populations, and the use of force beyond military necessity. None of which Al Gore ever used his power to deter or extinguish. As stated by the International Criminal Court, any crime against peace is namely, planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the forgoing…War Crimes and Crimes against humanity. Considering the long list of civilians enslaved, oppressed, starved, and violently murdered during the Clinton Administration, Mr. Gore surly should stand trial as an accomplice along side Clinton.

The list of crimes against humanity committed by the US under Clinton and Gore is gruesome indeed. Included are the genocide in East Timor, the illegal and unwarranted bombings of Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, coupled with aid to Turkey and Columbia, where the civilian casualties from counterinsurgency warfare and death squad operations…exceeded the pre-NATO bombing deaths in Kosovo by a large factor. None of this, of course, includes the brutal sanctions imposed on Iraq, which, had it not been for the power the US wields on the UN Security Council, would have been prosecuted as war crimes under international law.

According to UNICEF, in 1999, years into the Clinton/Gore administration, sanctions in Iraq were killing close to 5,000 children under the age of 5 monthly far beyond normal death rates. Several reports from the United States Defense Agency show that contrary to the Geneva Convention, the US government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq to degrade the countries water supply after the Gulf War. The United States knew the cost that civilian Iraqis, mostly children, would pay, and it went ahead anyway. (Jeff Lindemyer, November 2001). Other DIA documents (dated January, 1991, February, 1991, and March 1991) showed that not only was the Clinton/Gore Administration knowledgeable about how the sanctions would impact civilians, they monitored the situation closely. A charismatic statesman, Clinton repeatedly cited abuses of the “Oil for Food Program” by Iraqi leaders as the cause of civilian casualties and suffering, of course avoiding the fact that the devastation of sanctions was being felt by Iraqi’s as early as 1991 and the “Oil for Food Program” did not start until December of 1996. As the “Oil for Food Program” got underway, the US continued charges levied at the Saddam regime, with no basis in fact. According to the US State Department, Holds on inappropriate contracts help prevent the diversion of oil-for food goods to further Saddam’s personal interests. However, Jeff Lindemyer shows that requests for urgent assistance were repeatedly delayed to the point that Secretary-General Kofi-Annan along with Benon Sevon wrote numerous letters decrying the excessive holds placed on items ordered under the program, not by the Saddam regime, but by the UN Security Council.

Remarkable to the Clinton/Gore Administration was its ongoing relationship with President Suharto, the person responsible for genocide in Indonesia, East Timor, and West Papua. Clinton brokered weapons deals and trade agreements, which enslaved an entire people for companies such as Reebok and Nike, while US bought weapons were used to exterminate any people who resisted. Against the will of the Administration and the corporate controlled media, it was the actions of a few brave journalists who brought this tragedy to light. American journalist Amy Goodman was severely beaten by US supplied weapons when she captured the murder of innocent civilians in East Timor. Upon her return to the United States, she worked tirelessly to bring attention to the matter through US media outlets who finally after intense international coverage could no longer ignore the story, however, the coverage the genocide did receive was minimal and no mention was made of US involvement.

Some other notable war crimes and immoralities committed by the Clinton/Gore Administration include the use of DynaCorp, a private “security firm” that at the time Clinton and Gore were lobbying Congress heavily for their use in South America was in the midst of an investigation for participation in a child sex-slave ring. Regardless of this knowledge Clinton/Gore continued to offer DynaCorp military contracts and relied on the firm heavily to carry out illegal military operations. The people of the Delta Niger suffered and continue to suffer horrific environmental degradation, mass murder, and torture at the hands of the US backed government, which Clinton/Gore did not hesitate weaponizing and training at the time of these known abuses.

Clearly, Mr. Gore, if he had any redeeming qualities at all, would apologize for his active role and participation in these war crimes and crimes against humanity, and return the Nobel in order to be awarded to someone more deserving.

Nobel Hypocrisy – Peace Prize Awards to War Criminals by Stephen Lendman

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  2. Remember the Alamo and Forget the Holocaust (Remember the American people are not choosing their presidential candidates–the elite owned media is doing it.) In 1930 the German organic chemist and physician Hans Fischer was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry for his research in hemin and chlorophyll. The discovery of the building blocks of heme in urine and stool, porphyrins, helped identify congenital porphyria, the first of eight major disorders to eventually be identified in the genetically controlled heme pathway, including the seven major porphyrias and X-linked sideroblastic anemia.

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  4. @Guido F. Castellanos
    The urban heat island effect is systematically removed from comparative climate data. Obviously.

    ‘We are the greatest country in the world,’ you say. Well, the dollar’s down the toilet. The Euro is at an all-time high. Is that what you call ‘surrender’?

    Because economics never lies, even if ignorance often does.

  5. Man-made global warming is a political ideology more than anything else. This is another “ism” from the left in an attempt to control our lives and considerably lower our enviable standard of living.

    The hard truth is that man-made global warming is an exaggerated issue (just like the ozone hype and Y2K alarmism in the past), predictably blown out of proportion by the political and professional climate in which it evolved.

    The huge estimates of global warming costs ignore history. The Romans, Chinese, and Europeans all tell us that the last two warming phases in history were prosperous times for humanity.

    No one has been able to distinguish natural from man-made global warming. Indeed, since the industrialized regions have seen the vast majority of warming, we may be dealing with localized surface heating driven primarily by urban heat islands and land use changes.

    The environmental movement may be a bit past its peak influence but it still gets massive approval ratings in public opinion polls. It is still dedicated to making our society feel guilty about its wealth and materialism and retargeting us toward the leaner society the activists believe we should be forced to accept.

    The debate must go on because we are the greatest country in te world and our future is at stake if ideological dogma, hysteria and fanaticism that lead to surrender like in Europe, instead of truth, should prevail.

  6. What a bunch of morons to think we as humans caused this Global Warming – What about back in the 70’s when all the talk was about how we humans had caused the then Globan Cooling that was being talked about. [sic

    What about it? I don’t recall it, and I’ll wager you don’t, either. What a bunch of morons we would be to take your imagination as memory.

    Here’s my challenge: Provide some documentation for the claim that these same climatologists said the world was heading for global cooling. I don’t think you’ll find much, if anything at all.

    Air pollution experts warned in the 1960s and 1970s that our scale of pollution was so high that we could affect climate. Models then showed that if particulates and aerosols increased at the rate they were increasing, there was some threat of global cooling, but it was a race with the greenhouse gases to see which problem would manifest. Then the world imposed good controls on particulate pollution, especially the U.S.

    It’s not that air pollution experts and climatologists were wrong back then — it’s that you weren’t listening.

  7. Al Gore – What a Joke he has made of the Nobel Peace Prize – But maybe – He has earned it for his ability to influence the gullible masses of lessor thinkers.

    Man has been made to blame himself for something beyond his ability to create, control or reverse. This is beyond man made why do we want the credit so bad.

    Global Warming – What a Joke – Man made? get real Man has little control over Sun and Earth Cycles – Its time to wake up and get over ourselves.

    Science has proven it is not man made or caused but you can’t get a free government grant to fix it unless you attach blame to someone or thing.

    What a bunch of morons to think we as humans caused this Global Warming – What about back in the 70’s when all the talk was about how we humans had caused the then Globan Cooling that was being talked about.

    Humans did not cause the Global Cooling of the 70’s – What makes us think that we are causing Global Warming.

    Lets all waste more tax payer money on Global Cooling or is it Global Warming – Let’s roll the Dice or consult the Black Magic and see what it will be this Decade ???. What a bunch of midevil morons.

  8. Al Gore, if indeed made mistakes in the past may still be vindicated for what he is doing now. If this agenda is personal or political, so be it, the important thing now is for someone to start a campaign to protect our environment from further deterioration and perhaps his cause will open many eyes to be see the destruction man has so far inflicted on mother earth. We must support Gore on this cause and perhaps we can rally for the community of nations to prevent CHINA from polluting the earth!

  9. HAHA all of you adults are truly pathetic..I’m only 15 yrs old..I’m not as old or dumb as you all but I do know that I possess common sense..Is that all you think about in politics is the party? Do you ever analyze that one person just because they are part of a party that isn’t so great. Al Gore deserved that prize for trying so hard to get morons like you to realize our planet is in jeopardy. All you guys do is complain and whine…have you ever thought of making a change..or at least trying to do something? He might not have brought together countries to all be friends but he has shown the world the things we are doing to Earth. So while you are all complaining one day when the world overheats and we all die…well you will be dead so you can’t say much

  10. I wonder how much peace has been lost in the world because of just the type of inflexibility, violent words, impatience, and holier-than-though self-righteousness displayed by Jennifer. Is there anyone who would fit your vision of a Nobel Peace prize winner? Truly I worry you might find fault with even Mother Teresa getting the prize since she probably forgot to wash her hands occasionally between leper patients or over-ate once or twice.

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  12. @Guido F. Castellanos
    “Remember, the earth has warmed and cooled through the centuries, without human cause or prevention.”

    Yeah, right. But completely wrong to make that statement in this context, actually. The timescales are totally different, and I’d like a pound for every time some moron has cited that kind of rubbish in defence for driving his fat SUV.

    Take a look at these graphs to find out more about it before spouting complete baloney like you know what you’re talking about.

    Which you clearly don’t, unfortunately.

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