Give ’em Hell Dennis! (video)

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Truman Dinner
Camera: Tim McHugh


Kucinich: Bush Close to Igniting WWIII by Monisha Bansal

The “Impeach Bush” Playing Card Deck + Elizabeth Kucinich on Impeachment (video)

Kucinich tops other Dem Presidential leaders in key CA straw poll + video

Kucinich Campaign update 10-22-07 (video)

3 thoughts on “Give ’em Hell Dennis! (video)

  1. Kucinich was on point. He hit the necessary topics. He did himself a lot of good with that speech.

    His point person Sharon caused some disruptions outside the dinner. She was an oriental worman with short dark hair who spoke for the campaign. She used vulgar language and ordered around the guests. I think she did some harm to Kucinich’s campaign.

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