Olbermann: Fear Factor + Gonzales May Be Prosecuted + Worst (videos)

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The Fear Factor

Alberto Gonzales May Be Prosecuted!

Worst Person


And the winner is…….Tom Gross. Runners up Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly.

Countdown with description/commentary by Clyde1952

Mon. Oct 22, 2007 – Part One of Five


Once again, better really late than not at all. The reasons for the delay are that I was late getting back from an appointment so I started my video capture late, and then to make it worse there was a technical glitch either by MSNBC or Dish at the end cutting off about two minutes. So I decided to wait for the replay at 9:00 p.m. PST. and just redo it.

Keith goes on the air tonight in his newly refurbished digs along with some brand new nifty graphics between segments. So be sure to check it out.

In Part one we have Darth Cheney drawing his light saber and waving it toward Iran again. So what else is new? And we got Bush asking for more money for Iraq to the tune of $46 billion simoleans. Bringing the score for this year to:
Iraq – $196.4 billion
Schip – $0

Well what can you expect? I hear Blackwater needs a few more bucks for their company picnic and the Halliburton Executives need a vacation in Tahiti.

And Bush says he will buy the troops the body armor they need this time for sure. He really really honestly truly will, Scouts honor, cross his heart and all of that crap. Richard Wolfe joins Keith.


Part Two of Five

In the second half of the opening segment, a couple of The Shrub’s lackey’s are questioning why Bush won’t discuss the Israeli air strikes against Syria with them or the American People. They want to know why Bush has shaped this story for our National “Stenographic Press Corp.” Have you noticed that every once in a while Republicans will do something like this, and then just as quickly reattach their lips back to Shrub’s derrière? I guess it’s their way of briefly coming up for air and putting on lip gloss so to speak.

Also, Valerie Plame is speaking out about Shrub and company leaking her identity. It seems there’s this matter of a pension letter that confirms her status as a covert operative. So, will the Bush administration go to similar lengths to justify war with Iran? I hate to use this tired old cliche but it’s all I’ve got: Is the Pope Catholic? Does the Bear crap in the woods?


Part Three of Five 

There was a whole lot of Holy Buttkissing going on as the Republican Candidates headed over to the values convention to snooker the religious right all in the name of St. Jim Bakker, St. Jim Swaggert, St. W.T. Grant, St. Ted Haggard, St. Paul Crouch, the Blessed Jan Crouch, St. Benny Hinn, St. Pat Roberson, and the late but great St. Jerry Falwell. So let’s open our bibles to the Gospel of John, Chapter 11, Verse 35 and read: “Jesus Wept.”

Craig Crawford joins Keith and the Almighty for a discussion of current biblical events.

Oddball: A guy shown picking his ear and eating the wax. This is about a 10 on the gross scale. A guy is levitating outside the White House.

Best Persons: Peanut the Parrot, saved a family by imitating a smoke alarm, the Sux Airport, and finally William J. Notaro, who flew from Tampa to Charlotte with three bullets in him.


Part Four of Five 

A segment on the California wildfires. Yep, it’s a mess out here where yours truly resides, but have no fear. I’m way out of the way of that stuff.

According to Huffington Post, almost 250,000 people have been evacuated. I think Sean Penn and Tea Leoni got ousted from their digs too, but I don’t think they’ll be taking up refuge at Quaalcom Stadium.

Governor Turdimator has declared a state of emergency.

Keeping Tabs:
Another chapter in the never ending story of Ellen DeGeneres and her pets.
Kid Rock eats at the Waffle House. Kid Rock gives knuckle sandwiches at the waffle house. Kid Rock has his dessert at the county jail.

Worst Persons: Bronze: Glenn Beck, who said the people losing their homes in California hate America. Silver: Billo – who claims a school giving out birth control is because of his book coming out. Keith has some funny comments here. Gold: Tom Gross of the National Review


Part Five of Five 

So, who will it be in the final segment? More Britney? Nah. Will it be more Ellen and her doggie problems? Nah. Why, it’s a story about J.K. Rowling who penned a few books about some wizard kid named Potter.

You’ve probably heard by now that Dumbledore is gay. So if all the so called black magic and spell casting weren’t enough for the extreme far right Religious Whackos to go nutso about, now there’s something else for them to whine about on Sunday. Oh, wait. It gets worse.

Rowling says that the book also challenges the young not to accept the word of those in power, because they might not always be telling the truth. Hmmm……I wonder what gave her that idea? I can’t think of anybody who fits that description, can you?