Blackwater’s run for the border by Eilene Zimmerman

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by Eilene Zimmerman
Global Research, October 24, 2007,

Military-style complex near the U.S.-Mexico border

The notorious security contractor has plans for a military-style complex near the U.S.-Mexico border. Critics worry the firm’s “mercenary soldiers” could join the U.S. Border Patrol.

Oct. 23, 2007 | There are signs that Blackwater USA, the private security firm that came under intense scrutiny after its employees killed 17 civilians in Iraq in September, is positioning itself for direct involvement in U.S. border security. The company is poised to construct a major new training facility in California, just eight miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. While contracts for U.S. war efforts overseas may no longer be a growth industry for the company, Blackwater executives have lobbied the U.S. government since at least 2005 to help train and even deploy manpower for patrolling America’s borders.



4 thoughts on “Blackwater’s run for the border by Eilene Zimmerman

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  2. Blackwater has a significant history of training law enforcement personnel (federal, state and local) as well as US special forces. While we should carefully consider the full situation before awarding a contract, I don’t see how having Blackwater training Border Patrol would be that new or dangerous. Having contractors doing the patrols themselves would be unusual, but if this is not the big deal the media is making it out to be. Why? Several reasons.

    First, private citizen such as the Minutemen (or even less organized outfits) are already patrolling the border on their own. While most of these are fairly responsible citizens, there are some nut jobs among them, men with guns who are tired of seeing their land trashed by illegals and are willing to go to great lengths to protect it. Private contractors would surely be an improvement over the current situation.

    Second, Blackwater has an excellent record in Iraq, if you pull away the curtain of media hysteria. Not a single diplomat under Blackwater protection has been seriously harmed or killed. But what about Blackwater’s atrocities, you ask? Bringing us to our third point…

    Much of the media information about private contractors is untrue, some of it blatantly, some of it spun. A case in point would be one of the opening lines of this article, referring to Blackwater’s employees as having “killed 17 civilians in Iraq”. The reference to the ambush and resulting actions of 16 September is misleading. Blackwater has admitted no error, the FBI has not completed an investigation and no court, American or Iraqi, has convicted anyone. But the media wants you to think the evidence is conclusive and the jury is in.

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  4. I think youll find it interesting to research the interlocking board of directors of some of these privae mercenary companies.

    Not only them, but the major arms “defense” companies, like Lockheed Martin, 3 board members from the Cohen group, a consulting firm with main clients China and Saudi Arabia.

    America is not just corrupt, its owned stock and barrell by the 9/11 arms-oil syndicate.

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