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Oct 25, 2007


The US has a “wet foot” “dry foot” immigration policy with Cuba. If illegal immigrants from Cuba are apprehended at sea they have a ‘wet foot’ and are returned to Cuba. If they are encountered on land they have a ‘dry foot’ and are allowed to stay in the USA.

Recently Cuba immigrants have started coming to the US via Mexico. These are called ‘dusty foot.’ If the Cuban immigrants can convince the authorities that they are indeed Cubans, they are allowed to stay.

This has convinced Mexican and other illegal immigrants to study Cuban geography and history, and practice their ‘Cuban’ accents.

A lot of these other immigrants become so proficient at being ‘Cuban’ that they are allowed to stay.

The US policy concerning Cuba raises a number of questions:

Why are people allowed into the US from a country that the Federal government has opposed for close to fifty years?

Why don’t we give countries that we have friendly relationships with the same immigration opportunities that Cuba enjoys?

Why don’t we have an equal opportunity denial program for all of Latin America?

Why don’t we honor treaties that allow indigenous peoples free right of travel throughout the Americas?

We are signatories to this treaty, and actually wrote them.

Mexico and Guatemala have the largest amount of indigenous blood of any Latin American countries.

If any person in the Americas can prove that they are one quarter indigenous blood, theoretically they have the freedom to travel anywhere in the two continents and isthmus without restriction.

When are we going to start honoring our treaty commitments to these people?


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