Ron Paul Reality Check by Joel S. Hirschhorn

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by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Atlantic Free Press
Friday, 26 October 2007

As self-professed champion of the Constitution presidential candidate Ron Paul has missed a monumental opportunity to educate Americans about the criminal behavior of Congress in violating their oath of office. Even more important, he has not taken advantage of his 15 minutes of fame to promote the nation’s first-time use of what the Founders gave us in the Constitution in case the public lost confidence in the federal government – the Article V convention option.

Paul clearly recognizes the many failures of the federal government. Maybe as a member of Congress he just does not have the courage to confess that he too has been part of a long-standing refusal by Congress to obey Article V of the Constitution. Why don’t passionate Paul supporters see his lack of integrity, guts and consistency?

Support for using the Article V convention option should be a litmus test for any presidential candidate, which is reasonable considering that Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt supported it.

First, let’s be clear that Paul has no problem in seeing the need for constitutional amendments. For example, he has been a proponent of an amendment that would not allow children born in the USA from illegal parents to become citizens. Second, he has maintained throughout his career his love and respect for our Constitution. Third, he has carefully refused to publicly state his views on the provision in Article V of the Constitution for the use of a convention of state delegates to make proposed amendments as the alternative to Congress proposing amendments (the only procedure used for 220 years). Fourth, he has made no attempt to pass any law that would modify, clarify or expand the single requirement now in Article V for a convention. How can a champion of the Constitution remain so silent on Congress’ refusal to honor over 500 applications from all 50 states for a convention that more than satisfies the one and only requirement in Article V?

Anyone who studies the history of attempts to get the first Article V convention will learn that it has consistently been opposed by people and groups on the political left and right that are part of the nation’s elitist political status quo establishment. So here is Ron Paul, supposedly an honest non-elitist political maverick that does not fit into the political establishment, yet too cowardly to stand up to the political establishment by backing the use of the Article V convention option. Paul has had virtually no real impact on what Congress has done, yet he does not support the convention option that would circumvent the power of Congress. What does he have to lose?

Of course, if all the passionate supporters of Paul would spend more time investigating all his congressional activities, they would find a lot more to seriously question. A chief example is that he has routinely inserted earmarks for pork spending to make constituents in his district happy. Then he hides behind his votes against the spending bills containing his earmark spending items. But those earmarks remain in those spending bills passed by Congress. Tell me, is that really virtuous behavior? His earmarks increase federal activities and spending. Many have been for projects by the Army Corps of Engineers, many to funnel money to the Texas Department of Transportation (including one for repairs to the Galveston Trolley system), and one for Texas A&M University/Galveston Campus to convert the Texas Clipper for educational purposes; maybe this was the $30 million for the Texas Maritime Academy to refurbish a ship. And then there was the $8 million for the marketing of wild American shrimp and $2.3 million to pay for research into shrimp fishing. This seems like pretty conventional Republican politics. This year Paul has requested about $400 million worth of federal spending for his district – not exactly consistent with Paul’s rhetoric on reducing federal spending and taxing. His duty is to inform his constituents about the wrongness of earmarks, not capitulate to their requests.

There is still time for Paul to search his soul and find the courage to either to support use of the Article V convention as the route to achieving deep political reforms that Congress itself will never have the integrity to propose through constitutional amendments, or to step up and make the case for an amendment that would remove the never-used Article V convention option.

Here is some irony: With our thoroughly corrupt and rigged political system Ron Paul has absolutely zero chance of becoming the Republican presidential nominee, regardless of his high level of grassroots support. Odd then that Paul has not supported the one and only route to profoundly changing this awful political system. It is the method our Founders gave us with the Article V convention option. Indeed, his lack of support for using the Article V convention option seems to makes him a part of the political establishment, which is consistent with his recent announcement that if he does not get the Republican nomination he will not run as a third party candidate.

Joel S. Hirschhorn can be reached through and is a co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention at

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9 thoughts on “Ron Paul Reality Check by Joel S. Hirschhorn

  1. If Ron Paul mentioned Article 5, he would be assassinated within minutes. Giving back all the power to the People in one big swoop, would undermine everything that exists in this corporate/fascist “American” economy (all their evil interests & powers evaporate). The world spins around for all the money-hungry, greedy, SOBs, who control mega corporations & finance. They currently control all aspects of the economy. They paid enough people & have enough means to get Ron Paul to his immediate end. We don’t want a Kennedy situation. The business owners will fight to keep what they’ve stolen. Ron has to WIN first, meaning he needs supporters to get out the Freedom message & to turn this country around! Once he’s rally us to face awful truths, he can attack the big issues because he’s even more confident with the entire nation behind him. After he fulfills many campaign promises, he may just invoke Article 5.

    Personally I think the remaining issue or technicality of Article 5 might be that no 2/3 of the states have voted on the SAME issue or proposition. I feel it’s about support & being United…

  2. Ron Paul has some good ideas, just some that is…
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    just blame America

    for all the ills of the world
    don’t blame simple dictators

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    ignore the threat of jihad

    SCREAM that it’s made up
    an excuse for blood for oil


  3. The states don’t have power anymore, so this is just a vestige of past states rights. It would be like petitioning for redress of grievences, nobody cares anymore. Ron Paul has proposed many great amendments over the years as a congressman, and has the authority to do so according to Article V. He doesn’t have the authority to apply for all the state legislatures as congressman, or even as president. This is a state issue, so the states will need to step up. If you are concerned, go complain to your state representatives, and only vote for people who will take power away from the federal government. Ron Paul has been working tirelessly as the sole representative of the people, to return power back to the states and the people, that’s the most important thing he can do.

  4. As Ron Paul has repeatedly explained, the money tagged with “earmarks” will either go back to the taxpayers or on to the bureaucrats. If it is not earmarked, it will be spent anyway, so it is better to direct it to the benefit of the taxpayers. Ron Paul then votes against the entire spending bill. His position says, “You should not spend it, but if you do, some should go to my district as well as yours.” That’s reasonable, and so is Ron Paul.

  5. Since our writer demonstrates his ignorance of the “earmark” issue and Ron Paul’s quite rational position there, and since he does not offer Ron Paul’s position on the question raised, but merely insults Ron Paul’s motives, he is not writing honestly.

  6. Hi,

    I provided a detalied reply to Joel’s original post and even sent him my cell number so we could take the issue further. To date I have not received a reply or a return call. So I can only conclude he really isn’t open to dialouge or debate but rather a mussing of sorts.

    Article V may have been the perfect answer at one time but the real issue is our MSM has spun more then 50% of the population into a left/right paradigm. If they people were well versed with the law of the land article V may be the perfect cure. But many American’s to quick to trust fox news for basic information without any self study.

    Just the other day Fox claimed Al Quadia started the fires in CA… The actual report they stated was confimed just a few days ago but it was false the report was several years old.

    Paul is trying to focus on the real solutions and not create confusion tied to his message.

  7. Maybe he sees Article V as a very difficult route and therefore has set other political goals as his priorities.

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