Conservative Blog Bans Ron Paul Posters (video)

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7 thoughts on “Conservative Blog Bans Ron Paul Posters (video)

  1. What Ron Paul’s following shows is that there is a substantial number of Americans who follow politicians without bothering to check out for themselves what it is that politicians actually believes.

    (And certainly Paul isn’t prepared to help them, refusing to release all the issues of his newsletter – written to racist, xenophobic, and religiously extremist survivalist types – in which he lays out all his views clearly.)

    The rest of Paul’s supporters are like him, namely authoritarians who believe the state should control the womb and regulate private sexual conduct.

    For the record, no Republican is a right-wing libertarian (an awkward construction that is really a contradiction). Ronald Reagan was certainly no right-wing libertarian. If you think otherwise you don’t know your political philosophy (and you have to go even deeper into the subject to understand why “right-wing libertarian” is a contradiction in terms).

    The comment, “feeble minded and ignorant labeling is what bigots do,” is sort of correct with respect to Ron Paul. Paul’s writings about black people is certainly feeble minded, as in CRAZY. However, it’s not ignorant. Ron Paul is too smart to ignorantly write about black people the way he did in his newsletters. The man is a committed racist. He even made a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives condemning the 1964 Civil Rights Act, arguing that is has been bad for America because of the things is did for black people.

    (The comment, “feeble minded and ignorant labeling is what bigots do,” is also self-parody, if it was meant to apply to me. Irony is best when it is unintentional, eh? Buy, hey, you gave me my first laugh of the day, so it’s cool. In case you failed to get the self-parody, let me make it clear: if labeling somebody in someway is bigoted then calling somebody a “bigot” or “feebleminded” makes one a bigot. Since I don’t believe that labeling people is bigoted, then I’m fine. But the person who does believe this and then labels is a hypocrite. If you are a Ron Paul supporter, Gary, and if you meant this remark to apply to me, I think we have a better understanding of how you can be a Paul supporter.)

    Face facts, Ron Paul is George Wallace take two. If you support him without learning his positions you are a fool. I know his positions. I along with many others have exposed him. If truth mattered to people it would be over for Paul as a candidate – that is, assuming people are anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-xenophobic, anti-state control over private consensual conduct. (Of course, truth doesn’t matter to racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, authoritarians anyway.)

    If you don’t change your mind after you know the facts, the word “ignorant” doesn’t apply to you. There’s another word that is to be used.

  2. i can’t stand tucker but anyway, whether one likes ron paul or not i am grateful for his following because it does show, like the lady in black said, that america is not dead, well at least not all the way. to me it is very grassroots and i love it i’m glad to see people actually care about somebody who is not all media made up. i do find it ironic though that the republicans bitch back and forth about who is the most conservative when ron paul actually beats them all. that’s a fact! the republicans hero, mr. reagen would agree. he said himself that true republicans are really libertarian. anyway, just my thoughts my friend Lo.

  3. “Ron Paul is a racist, sexist, homophobe ”

    feeble minded and ignorant labeling is what bigots do Andrew.

    Don’t let Tucker fool you. He’s no fan of Ron Paul. He’s said that he was never in favor of self determination for the Iraqi people. There’s a lot of anti Paul propaganda in this clip if you pay close attention.

  4. Communists? Please. You mean FASCISTS. Fascists are pro-capitalist authoritarian ideologues, which is what Republicans are. Communists are opposed to capitalism, so Republicans can hardly be compared to them. (People expose their ignorance of history when they make comparisons like this.)

    The problem is that Republicans know that Paul is an old fashionied states-rights conservative and some of them have realized that if the word gets out that they have a George Wallace/Strom Thurmond running for the nomination of their party, it will expose the racism inherent in the Party.

    Republicans have been working hard for years to cloak their racist politics and Ron Paul blows their cover wide open. They agree with him, but they know that open racism (sexism, etc.) doesn’t sell well (although cloaked racism sells quite well). So it is better to start pushing Paul to the margins now than wait until people read the things he has actually said, which is what will happen if he starts getting even more attention.

    Ron Paul is a racist, sexist, homophobe who believes that there is neither a right to privacy in the Bill of Rights nor that the Bill of Rights protects US citizens from state tyranny.

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