Brainwashed Two: What Is Anarchy? (video)

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My take on Anarchy, as limited as that is. It serves as a once-over. Had this one rolling around for a long time, and I’m glad to FINALLY get it out there under the “Brainwashed” series.

One note about this: I really neglected to properly give the impression of how huge this movement is. It’s monumental. It makes the rebellion of the 60s look quaint. A media blackout has the non-participants fooled into thinking there’s nothing for them to do. THAT’s why this appears in the “Brainwashed” series.

And it does it without a leader, OR needing everybody to be “on the same page”.

Think about that.

Music: “TGI Doomsday” by Blackstrap

Added: October 14, 2006

“Stand fast and fight to the last”: The Spanish Anarchist Collectives by Rich

Anarchy made easy by Rich

3 thoughts on “Brainwashed Two: What Is Anarchy? (video)

  1. Rick, English isn’t a static language. Shades of meaning come and go. Anarchy and its symbol are a perfect fit. Anarchy is the be all and end all. There are many forms of anarchy, including the violent kind. It is just another shade of meaning given to the word by people. I find nothing oxymoronic about an anarchy with principles. As an anarchist, though, I say start your own Autonomist Movement using the same symbol and see how far you go when people mistake it for meaning anarchy. Power to you, man.

    Wrayer, I thought the video was cool.

  2. This is the perfect example of how we are losing language. Anarchy means “without rule.” Many of us (people) claiming to be anarchists, as above, fail to realize that “anarchy with principles” is oxymoronic. Anarchy is equal to chaos, lawlessness, and violence – you will find that there is a more appropriate term that describes a principled form of governance and it even comes DIRECTLY out of the symbol most often misused by “anarchists:” the circled “A.”
    In my studies, over ten years ago, I found that the circled “A” represents, from the greek, the beginning and the end/ the “be all, end all.” Suspend its religious implications, if you can, and find that there is ZERO relation between the alpha/omega and “ANARCHY.” There IS, however, a distinct correlation between this symbol/idea and the principles of “AUTONOMY,” self-law. Please share this info with others, I hope to write about it at more depth, or do-it-yourself! Anarchy is a lie, a hoax, a fraud. Autonomy is the aim of ALL art and education, as well as individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

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