Daily Show: Is America Ready for a FLILF? (Elizabeth Kucinich)

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The Daily Show
Comedy Central
Mon, October 29, 2007

Jason Jones investigates the impending threat of having a FLILF in the White House.


By Manila Ryce
Published Tuesday, October 30th, 2007, 5:09 am

The Daily Show – Is America Ready for a FLILF? 

The Daily Show’s Jason Jones interviews a first lady expert, an obligatory moron at a bar, and Elizabeth Kucinich in his latest installment of “Is America Ready For a”. In this segment, Jason explores FLILF’s (or at least fantasizes that he could).

Jason’s first object of desire is Fred Thompson’s wife (has Fred given her a name yet?). Mrs. Thompson is what we in politics describe as being hot in a “slutty” way. She looks like the young soccer mom you might pick up in a smoky dive bar. Not exactly the kind of girl you’d bring home to mom, but she probably already knows (in the biblical sense) half the political leaders you’re bound to meet during your time in office and could introduce you. That familiarity could also mean trouble if Kim Jong Il ever decides to blackmail the president with private video tapes of the first lady.

Surprisingly, Jones actually gets to interview Elizabeth Kucinich, who is your classic smart-but-hot chick. You could actually talk to her for more than five minutes without the Meow Mix jingle racing through your mind as a distraction. An added bonus to the brains is the fact that Mrs. Kucinich has a tongue stud, which means she’s not all tea and crumpets with a side of pleasantries when it’s time to let freedom ring.